LIVE: Go:Audio @ Academy, Liverpool (27/11/2008)

Date: November 27th, 2008
Venue: Academy, Liverpool
Support: Tonight Is Goodbye, Sherwood

Rating: 6/10


Go:Audio profile

Along with the likes of emo, screamo, and the endless list of ‘-core’ genres that have sprouted out from the underground music scene in recent years, pop-punk is another genre that has increased dramatically in popularity, and in turn resulting in the birth of many bands entering the mainstream. Go:Audio is just one of many who’ve followed the path mentioned above, and after a complete sell-out tour, and a venue upgrade in tonight’s instance, it seems nothing but success in front of the band’s eyes.

Seemingly in the early stages that Go:Audio were once in, Tonight Is Goodbye (***) have the potential of reaching the headliner’s level of success in just a short space of time. Admittedly not the most band ever, Tonight Is Goodbye none the less provide entertainment for all at a controlled level. Their indie touch upon a pop-punk-esque sound through songs like ‘Noughts And Crosses’, ‘Black Dress’ and ‘Brain’ gives enough evidence as to why the average age of the spectators is so young, but could easily please a much more mature crowd.

Being signed to MySpace Records, Sherwood (**) have instantly placed themselves into the field for attention from the younger generation of music fans and gig-goers. Sadly though this seems to be the only thing going for them that’s actually getting them the attention and sales and to stay in this scene. Sure, they may have sparked off the first moshpit of the night, inside it containing fans mainly under the age to buy alcohol, but to put it simply their show wasn’t far from being utterly dull. Rarely moving from the spot you’re standing doesn’t get many bands higher in the attention scale for the future, but it seems tonight audience doesn’t care to notice how underdeveloped of a live band Sherwood are, especially with them being this popular and how much experience they have under their belts.

The room almost doubles with occupants by the time Go:Audio (***) come along to redeem quality for the rest of the night. Keyboardist Joshua Wilkinson and guitarist Zack Wilkinson come on dressed almost like they’re younger than half of their paying audience tonight, but when you’re introduced to a barrage of screams this matters very little. The band lick off their backs pop-punk sing-a-long tracks like ‘Save Me Now’ and ‘So Quiet You Were’ to a crowd who no doubt play these songs over and over on their mp3 players and in their bedrooms. Though Go:Audio are most definitely not the craziest band to come from the UK, and should be a little more active and more of a spectacle considering their speeding popularity, it’s incredible how they’ve managed to sell-out an entire UK tour and have the ability to play with their audience like a ball of putty; all this with nothing but an EP and three singles under their belt. If this is possible, and they write decent songs to go along with it, then that’s a great success for any band or artist out there.

Written by Zach Redrup