LIVE: Glamour Of The Kill @ The Sugarmill, Stoke (07/04/2010)

Date: April 7th, 2010
Venue: The Sugarmill, Stoke-on-Trent
Support: Sworn To Oath, Yashin
Website: None available


Headlining and rocking the shit out of one of the biggest UK tours seen for a long while, Glamour Of The Kill are riding on just a few short EPs and not a single studio album for a whopping 38-date tour, nothing to take easily. Stoke is date 26 on their live voyage, and with the bubbling and excitable nature of the kids outside tiredness is no acceptable excuse.

The Midlands locals Sworn To Oath (**) aren’t really on their full-form tonight. A great contributer towards this could be the uncooperative nature of the crowd, of which most barely move, nevermind follow the band’s request to sing and shout along, or to even start up a mosh pit for them. With the crowd aside, Sworn To Oath (or as they like to shorten it to, S2O) are definitely affected by the lack of energy given back in return for their own, and sadly makes the three-piece look a little needy and lacking in prowess.

On the other side of the coin however are Yashin (****) who are far from lacking in stage presence and supreme activity. Though in support of the show’s headliners, the six post-hardcore Scots come with much more material to work with having just released their debut full-length record. Mixing old fan favourites like ‘The First Rule Of Fight Club’ with new album soon-to-be-hits like ‘Friends In High Places’, the dual vocal juggernaut shows promise that they’re on the right road to reaching high places themselves. The thing is, vocalists Kevin Miles and Harry Radford literally do just that towards the climax of their set; Harry front flipping into the sweaty crowd and Kevin leaping from the venue’s upper tier with no regard for his personal safety, only to both crowdsurf back to the stage and almost destroy some of the stage equipment in the heat of it all.

Though still an impressive and exciting act to witness, Glamour Of The Kill (***) don’t quite match up to the bar set by their previous support act, but many would find that a challenge. Their metalcore/hard rock anthems cause more than a riot in the crowd, with constant mosh pits being opened song after song it’s clear that the band onstage are the definite headliners. ‘Rise From Your Grave’ incites more than enough shout-backs of the chorus line to please any band in their position, and the balance of harsh vocals from guitarists Chris Carnage and Mikey Massacre alongside with the much more melodic and welcoming singing of frontman Davey Death blends as perfectly live as it does on record. The unveiling of new songs from the band’s upcoming album ‘The Summoning’ shows promise of even better things to come, and the kids just feed off it like they’ve been playing it to them for years.

Though not the best of the bill, Glamour Of The Kill were far from a failure and definitely packed a punch to attract new fans and keep a tight grip on the one’s they already have. By the sounds of things the release of debut ‘The Summoning’ is gonna propel them to greater heights.

Written by Zach Redrup

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