LIVE: Forever The Sickest Kids @ Club Academy, Manchester (19/09/2010)

Date: September 19th, 2008
Venue: Club Academy, Manchester
Support: All Forgotten, Kill The Arcade
Website: None available


After Cobra Starship were forced to pull out of their UK tour for September, main support act Forever The Sickest Kids decided amongst themselves that they’ll go ahead and do it without them anyway on their own tour, and from the turn out of the show almost selling out this was a wise move. Manchester Club Academy is almost packed-out with kids, with a fair few using the original Cobra Starship tickets for entry, and they’re all in for a good night.

The show openers All Forgotten (***) warm the crowd up nicely, delivering upon them their alternative rock material like upcoming professionals in the field. A fusion of melodic clean vocals and a burst of a scream and growl here in there with songs like ‘At A Guess, I’m Second Best’ being welcomed by fans of the band and complete newcomers alike.

Kill The Arcade (***) aren’t quite as heavy as the night’s previous act, but their catchy and upbeat hooks and melodies are a winning solution, getting the crowd pumped and jumping along with their set. The band’s frontman Leonard Newell is pacing around the stage and singing at the top of his voice to a set containing ‘Bon Voyage’, and even being a friendly and sociable man, inviting people to come and see and speak to the band at the merchandise stand after their show.

The main act are welcomed to a barrage of cheers and screams from the audience, Forever The Sickest Kids (****) deliver a show that would easily make up for the Cobra Starship fans’ disappointing outcome for tonight’s original headliners. The band are charismatic, and as energetic as a toddler after 5 cans of Red Bull, jumping here and there on the stage, and playing sing-a-long hits like ‘Woah Oh! (Me vs. Everyone)’, encouraging 90% of the room population to throw the lyrics straight back at the band. Throughout the set the band are constantly communicating with their fans, appreciating that they’re the ones who’ve helped them get where they are today. After closing with upcoming single ‘She’s A Lady’, the crowd draw the band back out again for an encore, playing ‘Catastrophe’ with lead vocalist Jonathan Cook claiming “We only play this song at shows we love to play at”, ensuing a final effort from the crowd, giving it all out to show their love for this band.

Written by Zach Redrup