LIVE: Fei Comodo @ Relentless Garage, London (13/05/2011)

Date: May 13th, 2011
Venue: Relentless Garage, London
Support: Burn The Fleet, Shadows Chasing Ghosts


Tucked away at the end of Highbury Road is the tiny club venue, the Relentless Garage, above that venue is the even smaller upstairs room. It is ridiculously small, and is the perfect venue for bands such as those on offer tonight to get in your face and really make a name for themselves, and the fact that these three up-and-coming bands have failed to pack it out is somewhat of a disappointment.

The fact that there are only about 25 people hanging around when it is time for openers Burn The Fleet (***) to take to the stage does not deter them as they put in a workman-like performance. Their hearty post-hardcore is definitely loud, but at times it becomes dull and repetitive. It does have its good moments, such as the powerful ‘Nautilus’ and the punchy ‘Black Holes’. Although their set is sparsely viewed, frontman Andrew Convey does his best to entertain the crowd, with light-hearted banter to provide an overall enjoyable experience for those hearty souls who are out early.

The arrival of Essex’s Shadows Chasing Ghosts (****) seems to inject a little bit of energy into the crowd, albeit through the demands of frontman Trey Tremain. Watching them tear through songs like ‘You Ain’t Got The Minerals’ and ‘Searchlights’ is quite an impressive thing to watch, as the half empty room does not stop them from throwing themselves across the stage and playing for the few diehard fans down the front. Only time will tell, but based on this showcase, big things could be next for these boys.

Despite the room being no more than three quarters full, the anticipation surrounding the arrival of Fei Comodo (****) is still noticeable, and they don’t disappoint as they rip into ‘The Cost Of Living’. Marc Halls is energetic and does his best to engage with the crowd. Hit and miss newer songs such as ‘Bare Feet And Broken Glass’ don’t quite get the reception the band would have hoped for, but fortunately their older material ‘Behind Bars’ and ‘Break The Ice’ still goes off like a rocket. A crowd pleasing encore of ‘This One’s For Us’ provokes the smallest wall of death you are every likely to see, but it gives the chance for everyone to go home happy with their performance. Hopefully, Fei Comodo will get their shot at the big time soon, because god knows after the last four years, they deserve it.

Written by Oliver Thompson