LIVE: Every Time I Die @ O2 Academy 2, Liverpool (11/02/2014)

Date: February 11th, 2014
Venue: O2 Academy 2, Liverpool
Support: Scouts / The Story So Far


While A Day To Remember are off having their nails done, the relentless The Story So Far and Every Time I Die cannot simply sit around doing nothing and, as such, are doing a handful of their own shows inbetween the ADTR support dates. With two high-octane bands on the bill, these shows are not to be missed for those desperate to see said support acts without paying the high price of an ADTR gig.

First on tonight’s bill are local lads Scouts (**), whose brand of melodic punk rock falls short of the mark. It takes a while for them to find their stride and, even when they do, they still fail to hit the notes. Though the crowd clap and cheer, they remain static for the entire duration of Scouts set. It’s not that the band is bad per se, it’s a case of performing to the wrong crowd. If they were to support the likes of Blitz Kids, they would undoubtedly have a much better reception.

With at least half the crowd here to see The Story So Far (****), there’s already a wonderful atmosphere even before they take to the stage and, as soon as they do, the room erupts into a forest of arms. From the very off, everyone is singing aloud to each and every word until their throats are hoarse and bloody. The Story So Far are just as energetic and charismatic as they are on record and deliver a fantastic set. Just as the show is starting to ever-so-slightly dwindle into the inevitable mid-set lull, TSSF wake up the crowd like a bucket of freezing water to the balls by belting out their big numbers, like ‘Empty Space’. Once witnessed live, it’s safe to say that the hype around these Californian punks is 100% justified.

Headliners Every Time I Die (*****) have an intolerance for bad shows and personally I’m yet to seem the deliver anything short of excellence. With the banjo twangs of ‘Partying Is Such Sweet Sorrow’ pouring out of the speakers like a fine bourbon people flock to front to hear the preachings of pastor Keith Buckley. Donned in a grey-wife beater and sporting a beard that would tame a lumberjack, Buckley‘s almighty roars and stunning voice resonate throughout the entire venue, destroying every note and scream. Though the vocals are just shy of their insanely high standards to start with, it doesn’t take long until he’s on true phenomenal form.

Every Time I Die‘s set is like a guillotine, perfectly designed and flawlessly executed. Having been on the road for way over a decade, Every Time I Die thrive in a live environment and play with military precision. With all albums represented and even some new songs showcased, every fan from old-school to newbie is thoroughly satisfied. Considering this an inbetween show (while they are supporting A Day To Remember), it’s simply stunning how they can perform a full-throttle set every night. Yet again, Every Time I Die more than prove their worth and maintain their notoriety in the hardcore community.

Written by Andy Roberts

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