LIVE: Emmure @ The Fleece, Bristol (11/04/2013)

Date: April 11th, 2013
Venue: The Fleece, Bristol
Support: Buried In Verona / Attila / Obey The Brave / Chelsea Grin
Website: None available


If you were walking past The Fleece on Thursday night, you may have wondered if you were about to be robbed, for there was a sea of rowdy looking youths were gathered outside awaiting the appearance of US bad boys, Emmure. Flatpeaks were atop every head and if you didn’t have a facial piercing, then you looked out of place.

Opening the show to a soaked crowd thanks to the rain are Aussies, Buried In Verona (***). Lead vocalist Brett Anderson does his best Tim Lambessis impression and as a result the sound is very As I Lay Dying influenced. Richie Newman‘s clean vocals are the main output of originality, but they’re unfortunately drowned in the mix and fall by the wayside.

Attila (***) yearn to be gangsters, but their curious brand of deathcore shouldn’t really be taken seriously. Frontman Chris Fronzak is clearly the brains (I use the term loosely) of the band, and his bizarre death growl rapping is pulled off impressively live. Attila blast through every breakdown known to man within the first two songs, but it’s with set closer ‘Payback’ that the main aim of the band becomes clear: to party.

The wildcard on the line-up are Obey The Brave (***) from Canada. They beat the crowd down, but they do it with tact rather than via a non-stop assault. Our conductor is Alex Erian, who screams in the faces of the audience whilst the band blast through numbers from their relatively small catalogue of albums. Mic problems marr the final songs, but the set does not peter out as quickly as Attila‘s. Trying to sell melody to Emmure fans is a bit like asking football fans to honour Margaret Thatcher with a minute’s silence, but there are a few that appreciate what OBR are trying to do.

The crowd is split on their opinion of Chelsea Grin (**). Many find the intricacies of Jason Richardson‘s (ex-Born Of Osiris) guitar work very interesting, but you can’t help but dislike chief growler Alex Koehler. He clearly doesn’t give a flying fuck what’s going on, but he still manages to pull off some earth shattering screams on tracks like ‘Cheyne Stokes’ and ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’. It’s hard to look stupid subbing to Emmure, but Chelsea Grin still somehow manage to pull it off with their ultra-heavy breakdowns. Chelsea Grin continue to cause controversy.

You’d think that listening to the same note over and over again for 3 hours would be enough beatdown for one day, but it’s clear that everyone has been saving themselves for Emmure (*****). Frontman Frankie Palmieri looks like someone that would hassle you with his mates on a back street, but there’s no doubting his ability to control 200+ fans and make them go berserk. Despite 60% of the band gurning their faces off, Emmure still deliver a set that is impossible to stand still to. Songs like ‘Drug Dealer Friend’ may cause you to actually lose brain cells, but it’s a good way to get out some pent up aggression. ‘Sunday Bacon’ is a particular highlight for the whirling dervish of the hardcore dancing area that features all of the people that you love to hate in their sleeveless shirts and neck tattoos. Emmure are the ultimate “come at me bro” band, but if you don’t let them rustle your jimmies then they’re a damn fun band to see live.

Written by MG Savage