LIVE: Electric Six @ Academy 3, Manchester (01/12/2011)

Date: December 1st, 2011
Venue: Academy 3, Manchester
Support: Swound!


Electric Six seem to be making a habit of coming back this side of the pond. Year after year they have returned to the UK with a brand new album, this year being no exception. They seem to have left their disco sound behind and concentrated on a more 80s and techno feel on their new effort, ‘Heartbeats And Brainwaves’.

Only a scarce crowd greets the sole support of the night, four brothers from the Isle Of Man known as Swound! (***). These guys are essentially a British version of Weezer and bring a quirky and charming awkward presence to the stage, which quickly fills up the room as they play the likes of new single, ‘In My Head’. Although they don’t induce a lot of movement in the crowd, they make up for with KINDER EGGS! That’s right, Kinder eggs. Maybe not the best choice of an opening act, but still a bloody good one none the less.

Disco kings and rock misfits, Electric Six (****) are on full form tonight. With lead singer Dick Valentine donning a cape and keyboardist Tat Nuclear just one lightning bolt short of being David Bowie, you just know it’s going to be a good show. From the off there is non stop jumping and dancing to every song, even to the new ones and including an oddly fitting cover of ‘Mr. Grinch’ during ‘Improper Dancing’.

Of course, all hell breaks loose during the almighty ‘Gay Bar’, but it’s when they play the lesser known songs that E6 come into their own. As Dick swaggers around the stage with his coy grin and quick wit, he gives each member of “his band” a proper introduction. Never a dull moment, it was an enjoyable evening apart from every now and then the pit began to look like an episode of Tool Academy. (That’s right, I mean you, you blue haired twat. I’m glad you got hit in the face and I hope it hurt, you prick).

Ending the night on what they like to call the dance trilogy (‘Dance Pattern’, ‘Dance Epidemic’ and ‘Dance Commander’) making everyone use up what little energy they have left. It just goes to show you that there is far more to E6 than the few songs that everyone knows them for. No doubt they will be back next year, so make sure you go see them. They never fail to put on an great show.

Written by Andy Roberts