LIVE: DissolvedIn @ De.Bees, Winsford (30/06/2009)

Date: June 30th, 2009
Venue: De.Bees, Winsford
Support: Sgt. Wolfbanger, Meadow View, The Last Alive

Rating: 7/10


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Everyone knows that Download Festival is a monster, and in comparison the De.Bees music bar in Winsford is like that monsters arse stain on its underwear – not in the sense that it’s a terrible rock night, but just not even a scratch upon the experience. Regardless, previous Download headliners of the Red Bull Bedroom Jam tent DissolvedIn are making an appearance in the middle of nowhere. True dedication in their helms.

First in the following of local support acts comes Sgt. Wolfbanger (**) aren’t ones to make too much fuss about. Their sound is for the most part mainstream and their set is relatively tight, but the audience stood before them are distant, bored, and ultimately not that interested the whole time they’re onstage. The band make little to no effort to try and make this any different either, and though they look like they’re enjoying themselves, they lack in their much needed stage presence. Confessing you played a new song wrong last time you performed isn’t too smart of a move either, not that this has any affect on their show.

More energy erupts however when pop-punk 4-piece Meadow View (****) have their turn in the spotlight. The crowd from the predecessors increases two-fold at a minimum and all bring more spring in their steps, with groups of jumping bodies being ever present. Frontman Andi Barlow is a charismatic chap with their fans – old and newly acquired – and their onstage presence is an energetic and fun fusion for all. A few nuts and bolts need to be tightened here and there, but Meadow View are definitely on the right track to becoming a strong and worthy live act.

Things go a little more ambient and progressive in song style with The Last Alive (****). Currently in the middle of a tour across the most part of the country, the band have managed to hone and work on their live shows. Mid-song banter brings elements of comedy between vocalist Rob Scrannage and guitarist Stu Williams, but it’s the songs themselves and the way they’re delivered with that level of passion which brings The Last Alive up step after step. The random belts of harsh vocals make their first appearance of the night with these boys, and songs like ‘Cocaine White’ and ‘This Is Your Escape Route’ reveals an act that’s quality more then precedes their popularity and experience.

After playing to a crowd size more than twelve fold to what they’ve received tonight, it’s a quite a big change from their Download performance just more than a week beforehand. However, Reading’s DissolvedIn (****) march onwards like soldiers and deliver a set just like they would any other night or venue they perform at. Songs like ‘Peter Pan Syndrome’ have that fun pop-punk vibe and prowess to incite a party in anyone’s hearts, and though the reception and feedback in return is far from one these boys deserve they earn respect along with the knowledge to know their set was one to be proud of none the less. They can also remain confident in the fact that they’re probably one of the most popular acts to ever play at the De.Bees music bar, and have shown just why that is.

De.Bees is far from any music festival, but DissolvedIn came out like champs. Still, let’s roll on the next rock night and see what’s in store there.

Written by Zach Redrup