LIVE: Deaf Havana @ Club Academy, Manchester (02/11/2010)

Date: November 2nd, 2010
Venue: Club Academy, Manchester
Support: Me Vs. Hero, There For Tomorrow
Website: None available


With all three bands recently clambering their way up to reasonable success recently and all with some form of a release around at the time, it makes sense for Deaf Havana, There For Tomorrow and Me Vs. Hero to conduct and go through with a 3-way rotating headline slot tour. With 8 dates to share the main spotlight amongst themselves, the Manchester date of the tour sees Deaf Havana as the night’s captains.

So with their long-awaited debut album being released weeks ago digitially and the day before physically, it’s understandable that Blackpool’s Me Vs. Hero (**) are hot on the lips right now, a fact that is only enforced by the energetic reaction from the crowd. Coming on 15 minutes late due to technical faults sets them back a bit, leaving for a much shorter set. Though the love given to them from the audience is great, it’s hard to see why tonight. The 5-piece generally across as a bargain bin recreation of Four Year Strong, trying to hard to be like said peers, with the added grunt and scream here that just comes across as a little weak, unneeded, and gimmicky.

The young boys in There For Tomorrow (***) are overwhelmed by a fleet of teenage girl screams and shrieks before even completing their soundcheck, and surprisingly manage to deliver something with a little more punch than their boy band-esque recordings portray. ‘A Little Faster’ and ‘Deathbed’ give the pop-rock sound with slightly rough edges, and new EP offering ‘Small World’ exposed Maika Maile‘s impressive vocal capabilities along with the track’s dubstep undertones.

Southern post-hardcore outfit Deaf Havana (****) are the ones set to wrap the night up, and they’re definitely the one out of the three who could do so best. Upon losing screamer and founding member Ryan Mellor earlier in the year, the band have changed and adapted their sound to an extent their image accordingly. Ditching the screaming all together, old favourites like ‘Nicotine And Alcohol Saved My Life’ and ‘In Desperate Need Of Adventure’ have a fresh new face that suits them just aswell as their vocally heavier original states, displaying James Veck-Gilodi as a gifted vocalist. Newly released single ‘Smiles All Round’ cements in stone that the band are now fully comfortable with their recent change, and shows the new era of Deaf Havana is now in full strong swing.

Written by Zach Redrup