LIVE: Crown Jewel Defence @ Cathouse, Glasgow (10/07/2012)

Date: July 10th, 2012
Venue: Cathouse, Glasgow
Support: The Final Chapter / Peepshow


After being constantly thrown onto tours as a support band for the likes of names such as The Darkness and All Time Low, American pop-metal band Crown Jewel Defense are finally hitting the shores of the UK for a headline tour of their own. Despite the infamous Scottish rain, the bands’ moods are certainly not dampened, a sure sign that tonight’s show will be a good one. Although the turnout is significantly smaller than the majority of gig crowds, with only around thirteen people showing up, it’s clear from the faces of the band members that they’re far from disheartened.

First on the line-up is Rugby based The Final Chapter (**). The boys take to the stage naturally, playing to the few people that have actually shown up tonight. Throughout the short set, the band stay professional, staying loud and passionate despite the seemingly disinterested few at the bar. What’s impressive about this band is that they’re quite different when compared to the other two on the line-up tonight, something which could be quite daunting for a band so young. Even then, they’re given their applause and seem pleased as they finish up their set.

Peepshow (***), who are joining the band on the Scottish leg of the UK tour, are on the line up next, offering something quite different from the first band tonight. With the description of their sound being ‘youthful, new and unheard’, the band have quite a lot to live up to. Their set proves to get the small crowd, or gathering rather, to move a little more with their sound more polished than the first band but still heavy. The songs that they play suit their image, definitely pulling inspiration from some of the bigger monsters of rock. Their energy on stage also doesn’t fail to impress by managing to pull a few more people from the bar to the centre of the floor.

Finally, Crown Jewel Defense‘s (***) time comes around and clad in skin tight typical metal wear and frontman, Taylor Hood, covered head to toe in gold glitter, the band take to the stage like ducks to water. The small crowd is treated exactly the same as it would be if a large crowd would have taken to the Cathouse that night, asked to join in, get close to the stage by the band who have put a tremendous effort into their stage presence. Although the songs they play are only quite well known by a few in the crowd, it’s clear that the band really give their all throughout their performance and really do enjoy the hour or so that they have on stage. Their efforts show in small crowd that are glued to watching them, participating more and giving a great reaction to a great set from start to finish.

The only real letdown for the night overall was the lack of people that showed up to the gig, and although Crown Jewel Defense aren’t that well known in the UK yet, this gig has shown that they’re a band with a lot of potential and will undoubtably return to the UK again in full force.

Written by Caitlyn Dewar