LIVE: Creeper @ Trinity, Bristol (05/12/2017)

Date: December 5th 2017
Venue: Trinity, Bristol
Support: Nervus / Can’t Swim / Microwave


If there were a band that epitomised the music scene in 2017, it would be Creeper. The band have absolutely exploded unlike any other band in the last decade or so, and have managed to amass such a dedicated cult-like fanbase which could be compare to My Chemical Romance‘s early days. Tonight, the band are at the tail-end of their Theatre Of Fear tour, with the band promising an ambitious show and a brand-new stage production.

Before they take the stage though, up first is Nervus [6], who manage to grab the attention of the audience from the get go. They play an infection blend of indie punk with a slightly gothic tinge, not too dissimilar to tonight’s headliner but less theatrical; just think if Against Me! played Blink-182 covers. The band are playing to a half-full room and people are into it. Expect bigger support slots to come for this lot.

Can’t Swim [8] have significantly upped their game since throughout the year. The band sound tight, and there’s significantly more charisma coming from frontman, Chris LoPorto. They open with ‘What’s Your Big Idea’, which sounds absolutely huge, before following it up with ‘Come Home’, which opens room audience participation and crowd sing alongs. The only downpoint is after these opening tracks the set falls a little flat due to peaking too early. Perhaps in hindsight they would space their two stand out tracks slightly further apart, but time has shown that they’ve grown to be a much more formidable live force than before.

With that being said, as soon as Microwave [9] open with ‘Drown’, for the first time there’s some real crowd movement. Frontman Nathan Hardy has an awkward quirkiness that you can’t help but find endearing. Rattling off tracks from both of their records, the band have a knack for letting their music do the talking. There’s no gimmicks, not much talking, and no real showmanship, but that adds to the formidable force that Microwave are becoming. Closer ‘Vomit’ induces a mass mosh pit and absolute carnage ensues. How long until Microwave are headlining venues this size themselves? Not too long I’d say.

As soon as the lights in the room go out for tonight’s headliners, the atmosphere in the room changes. The anticipation rises, tension is growing, and then out of the darkness a man is on stage reciting a tale of how he disappeared. It’s all very theatrical, and at the moment it’s living up to the hype for the “ambitious stage show” that the band promised. He ends with shouting “Don’t believe them, not for a second”, and at that point Creeper [10] hit the stage and all hell breaks loose.

Creeper have absolutely mastered their craft and have the audience in the palm of their hands, feeding off every word they say. Vocalist Will Gould is adorned in all black and is trouncing across the stage like a man possessed. He certainly knows how to work a crowd, and he does to a tee as the band rile off tracks new and old. Opening with ‘Black Rain’ then leading straight into ‘Winona Forever’, they don’t ease up the pace and the temperature in the room soars. One thing to take note is that from this point onwards, there’s nothing more in relation to an “ambitious stage show”, which is a huge disappointment.

That doesn’t put a downer on the evening at all though, and a shining highlight of the night is Hannah Greenwood‘s solo rendition of ‘Crickets’ alongside guitarist, Ian Miles. Her voice is flawless and it for those 4 minutes it feels like we’re all in Wembley Arena. The band end on ‘Misery’, and cap off a flawless performance.

There’s no doubt that Creeper are a special band with a special following. There are people of all ages and all walks of life here to celebrate the band’s next step in their undoubtedly long and successful career. Despite the anti-climax of promising so much ambition in their stage show, tonight is a triumph of the highest calibre. Creeper are going to be huge.

Written by Jacob Eynon (@itsjustjake93)