LIVE: Creeper @ Academy 2, Manchester (25/03/2017)

Date: March 25th 2017
Venue: Academy 2, Manchester
Support: Puppy / Energy / Milk Teeth


The rise of Southampton based gothic punks Creeper over the past few years has been nothing but captivating. Over the space of a total of three EPs, the band have ascended to mass popularity, critical acclaim from both the industry and the punk rock fanbase, secured a deal with Roadrunner Records, and even expanded their sound by evolving from a quintet to a sextet. Now, here we are, at the sold out first show of their biggest UK tour to date.

Opening up for the run are Puppy [6], who are basically what the likes of Sunny Day Real Estate or The Hotelier would sound like if they were heavily brought up on a diet of Metallica and Slayer. It’s very light punk rock meets a few chunky metal riffs shoved in here and there, and, though there’s still a little room for improvement, through songs like ‘Beast’ the idea is there.

Boston’s Energy [6] have easily been at the game for the longest out of anyone on tonight’s bill, and their classic AFI style is certainly apt for the crowd here tonight. Despite over a decade long career under their belt, their lack of visits to the UK still makes them a fairly unknown band on our shores, and for the most part they take this to their advantage. Vocalist Tank sounds on form whilst they debut cuts from across their discography, they just need to work on creating a more solid impression.

Spear heading the grunge rock revival over in the UK right now, Milk Teeth [7] are certainly following a similar ascent to success to that of Creeper. Over the past year or so since Josh Bannister stepped down from the fold, it’s really allowed Becky Blomfield to shine through as a frontwoman, trading back and forth here and there with guitarist Billy Hutton. ‘Brain Food’ is as catchy as ever, and with new cut ‘The Ballad Of Charlie Holmes’ making an appearance, it certainly won’t be long ’til we have some fresh Milk Teeth in our lugholes.

The solemn keys that open up their recent chart bothering single ‘Black Rain’ introduces Creeper [9] onto the stage, where they showcase insurmountable evidence to support all of the acclaim they’ve been getting since their inception back in 2014. Their debut album ‘Eternity, In Your Arms’ has only been out for a whole day before today, but already the room sings back with aplomb the likes of ‘Poison Pens’, ‘I Choose To Live’, and ‘Down Below’ as they all make their live debuts.

Older cuts make an appearance; ‘We Had A Pact’ is still as bombastic as ever, ‘The Honeymoon Suite’ soars, and ‘VCR’ is a gritty punk rock cut to pump your fist too. Hannah Greenwood really shows off the power of her voice when they debut ‘Crickets’, which is as bewitching as it is goose bump inducing. What is one of Creeper‘s strongest attributes, however, is their meek, humble and down to earth nature. Will Gould at many times in the evening feels genuinely overwhelmed by what’s before him, no more so than during set closer ‘Misery’.

If tonight proves nothing else, it’s that Creeper have indeed recruited a loyal and die-hard cult already. Something that hasn’t been seen in such an impact since My Chemical Romance‘s own MCRmy.

Written by Zach Redrup (@zachredrup)