LIVE: Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! @ The Exchange, Bristol (14/09/2013)

Date: September 14th, 2013
Venue: The Exchange, Bristol
Support: Light You Up / Climates


It’s a surprisingly sparse turnout for french pop-punk sensations Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! as they arrive on the second of a nine night UK tour. Bristol’s The Exchange is hardly a large venue, but there are visible gaps amongst the 50 something crowd.

Birmingham’s Light You Up (****) open up proceedings with a bang thanks to vocalist Tom Napier‘s up-front confident attitude. He takes his place centre of the floor leaving the rest of the band to provide musical accompaniment on stage. Constantly bopping around, he’s clearly passionate about what he does and he’s got the token pop-punk vocalist act down to a tee, putting an instant invitation out to the audience for friendship. The thirty minutes that follow are a thoroughly entertaining slab of upbeat anthems that sound a bit like a less upset Transit. There’s even a ‘wall of hugs’ before Light You Up end with the excellent ‘Foxfire’.

It’s tough to say, but Climates (*) really aren’t very good. Despite it being only the second date of the tour, they seem resigned that this jaunt will be entirely fruitless. American sounding vocalist Wes Thompson looks like he might break down in tears at any moment and, as a result, his crowd interaction is sub-par. It’s a set that truly brings the room down. Maybe it’s just Climates‘ metalcore stylings, but it’s lost on the young, flat peak wearing audience. There’s no doubting the quality of Climates‘ music, but it’d certainly be better suited amongst heavier peers.

Just by glancing across the apparel of most attendees though, it’s obvious who everyone is here to see, and there’s no holding back when Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! (****) take to the stage. There’s a certain charm about the Frenchmen that you don’t get with US or UK bands, and that only adds to the enjoyment factor of their catchy pop-punk. Diving headfirst into ‘Restart’, C!NCC! don’t abate through ‘Captain Blood’ and hits from newest album ‘Pardon My French’ (‘Reasons To Turn Back’ and ‘Taking Chances’).

Baby faced frontman Bertrand Poncet protrudes an atmosphere of forgiving that is perfectly complimented by his and Paul Wilson‘s harsh vocals while Eric Poncet (guitar), Mathias Rigal (bass), and Jon Donnaes (drums) bring the heat via some gnarly breakdowns. The language barrier is evident in places, like when Poncet attempts to introduce ‘Bi-Polar Mind’, however it’s not something that provides more than minor amusement. The set ends with newest single, ‘Haters Gonna Hate’‘In Friends We Trust’.

The UK tour will now take on Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, Nottingham and Cardiff before ending on the 22nd in London. Light You Up will bounce off a hometown show in Birmingham and spread their enthusiasm across the UK. Hopefully Climates will cheer the fuck up along the way and share some of C!NCC!‘s love of Britain.

Written by MG Savage (@MGsavagewriter)