LIVE: Bury Tomorrow @ Waterfront, Norwich (03/10/2013)

Date: October 3rd, 2013
Venue: Waterfront, Norwich
Support: Heart In Hand / Empress / Feed The Rhino


Perhaps one of most uplifting success stories of recent years, the accomplishments of Bury Tomorrow are as inspiring as they are deserved. Back from the brink of departing from music in 2010, the Southampton quintet have gone stratospheric, leading the charge of the UK’s current world beating metal scene with the delivery of their stunning full-length effort, ‘The Union Of Crowns’, the best of which is showcased in a colossal headline set here.

Taking to the stage before the room is less than a quarter full, Heart In Hand (***) do a stellar opening job. Their shimmering hardcore melodicisms soar and bite in equal measure, with frontman Charlie Holmes sending across a gut wrenchingly raw vocal display to match the wandering guitar leads and rhythmic clout behind him. Exiting after the anthemic ‘Only Memories’, the now sizable audience are left suitably animated.

Regrettably, Empress (**) seem to somewhat sap the momentum. As crushing as they are on occasion, their progressive leanings tend towards frequent drops in pace, leaving the crowd apathetic after such an energetic outset. This being said, however, when on point the full throttle likes of ‘Blurred Perception’ portray a certain infectious violence, yet these are lamentably too few and far between to entirely save their set.

Fortunately, Feed The Rhino (****) flash fire performance proves more than enough to re-ignite the dampened buoyancy. The band trounce their instruments with a wide–eyed, murderous intent, looking for all the world as if this was the last show the planet would ever see, and their marriage of hardcore violence and punk rock energy is custom made for crowd participation. Impressive across the board, it’s perhaps freshly released single ‘Behind The Pride’ which steals the highlight crown, injecting their sledgehammer craft with a mammoth sing along. Blistering stuff.

Bury Tomorrow (****) utterly affirm their headline status on the night. With songs such as ‘An Honourable Reign’ and ‘Abdication Of Power’ receiving a predictably rabid response, the guys look as gleeful onstage as those of us screaming along to every soaring chorus hook, the band’s gratitude plain to hear with frontman Daniel Winter-Bates frequently taking the time between tracks to salute the fans. Closing with the heaving grooves and monumental clean refrains of ‘Lionheart’, we leave wondering how an outfit this youthful has achieved such a phenomenal live show so early in their career.

With whispers of ‘The Union Of Crowns’ imminent follow to be “faster and heavier”, an introduction of new material is bound to yield results as exciting as anything our imaginations can muster. For Bury Tomorrow, the future is theirs for the taking.

Written by Tony Bliss

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