LIVE: Bury Tomorrow @ The Roadhouse, Manchester (29/09/2010)

Date: September 29th, 2010
Venue: The Roadhouse, Manchester
Support: Shadows Chasing Ghosts, Burn The Fleet
Website: None available


Just one album under their belt and a recent short 3-track digital EP earlier this month and Bury Tomorrow are underway on a fairly long UK headline tour. Still not quite hitting adequately large sized venues just yet, the On Waxed Wings tour may well be one of the last times you can catch the fast rising Southampton-based metalcore act in such intimate settings.

Pretty new on the block, Burn The Fleet (***) have a lot they need to prove to get strict attention set on them at this early stage in the night, especially with them beginning to receive significant media attention too. There’s a reason behind the buzz these guys are getting though, with their sincere alt rock/post-hardcore style being a nice breath of fresh air from the expected norm, and boasting great potential with tracks like ‘Children Of Fiction’ and new single ‘Black Holes’.

The release of their debut full-length a month ago hasn’t gone unnoticed, as Shadows Chasing Ghosts (****) manage to get the first mosh pits and hardcore dancers of the night. The Essex quintet have improved bucket loads in the past year or so, evolving from a band struggling to get the grasp of what would seem a routine-based set into something far more exhilarating. The crowd feedback is awesome, and with vocalist Trey Tremain and co. boasting confidence and dominance over the Manchester audience, 2010 has clearly been good to the boys.

It’s amazing though just how far and big Bury Tomorrow (*****) have become in such a short period of time, but if they’re consistently pulling out sets like the one Manchester managed to witness then it’s so rightfully deserved. Dan Winter-Bates has fledged into a formidable frontman, keeping himself consistently on the front lines of the crowd whilst barking like a rabid dog and screeching like a satanic vulture. Songs like ‘You & I’ bring out their blend of heavy and melody out as its brightest alongside clean vocalist Jason Cameron, whereas live favourite ‘Anything With Teeth’ brings out the primal side of everyone in the room screaming “Blood on the walls”. Things only shift further into insanity in the closing minutes of their set, with more than 20 fans in the crowd clambering onto the stage with the band, leading to Jason Cameron and bassist Davyd Winter-Bates performing the final minute off the stage.

Bury Tomorrow are flourishing and blooming faster and faster as time goes by. Currently it’s no overexaggeration to say they are one of – if not the best rising underground metalcore live act in Britain. Well done boys!

Written by Zach Redrup