LIVE: Bullet For My Valentine @ Apollo, Manchester (16/11/2008)

Date: November 16th, 2008
Venue: Apollo, Manchester
Support: Bleeding Through, Lacuna Coil


‘Scream Aim Fire’ bolted up Bullet For My Valentine‘s popularity more than most ever though would happen, especially from the huge amount of exposure and success that they acquired from their debut album ‘The Poison’ that would’ve been difficult to top off. But surely enough it was succeeded, so a tour across several countries at the end of the year is a perfect way to celebrate such an achievement.

Bleeding Through (***) is one of the support acts asked to tour alongside the Welsh quartet, and provide a much heavier and more metalcore sound and approach onstage than that of the headliners. As you may have guessed, Bleeding Through bring into their show the obvious happenings of a metal concert with style and confidence, inciting circle pits and crowd surfing on a moderate scale. Their heavy metal drenched anthems like ‘Declaration’ and ‘Kill To Believe’ warm the crowd up nicely for the rest of the evening.

Things are turned down a notch in terms of heaviness when Italian band Lacuna Coil (****) take to the stage, still keeping one part of the band line-ups onstage consisting of an XX chromosome. There’s a bit of a letdown with Cristina Scabbia‘s microphone, not quite giving the volume needed to be heard at all times over the crowds screams and cheers, but sounding like an angel when heard clearly. The whole band are on top form, pulling-off song after song with such perfection, and getting the crowd involved in the fun. They shove in all the popular fan favourites into the set too, such as ‘Heaven’s A Lie’, ‘Swamped’, ‘Our Truth’, and the Guitar Hero fans favourite ‘Closer’, making the set as enjoyable and accessible as possible for those a little less familiar with their work.

It reaches 9:30PM before the main attraction of the night makes their appearance, and Bullet For My Valentine (****) pull out all the stops when it comes to their turn at entertainment, bringing along flashing background lights on their speakers that alter in time with the songs, and pyrotechnics and explosions to up the ante further. A large majority of the audience are almost literally going insane, causing mosh pit after mosh pit, often in multiple numbers throughout most of the night. Those steering clear from such action are instead singing along to almost ever single word of the band’s setlist, composed with popular singles like ‘All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me)’ and ‘Hearts Burst Into Fire’, slightly older classics like ‘The Poison’, and full-on oldie classics like ‘Hand Of Blood’, each receiving full attention, appreciation, and recognition from the fans. The band can see what position of power they’re in too and using it to their advantage, telling the crowd to start huge circle pits and at one instance a wall of death – and they do it for them gladly. After a short interlude, the band wrap up the evening with recent single release ‘Waking The Demon’, inciting some of the most manic audience responses of the evening, before concluding on a softer note with ‘Always & Forever’, proving tonight that you still scream for Bullet For My Valentine.

Written by Zach Redrup