LIVE: Bring Me The Horizon @ Club Academy, Manchester (26/03/2007)

Date: March 26th, 2007
Venue: Club Academy, Manchester
Support: I Killed The Prom Queen


Not too long back from their first Europeon tour, supporting metalcore act Killswitch Engage along with The Haunted, Bring Me The Horizon are on their second UK headlining tour to promote their debut full-length album ‘Count Your Blessings’.

The kids have been queuing outside the venue a good hour and a half before doors, none looking that different from the rest; dark hair with a swept over fringe, perhaps a block of blonde dyed in, hoodies, drop dead t-shirts and black jeans are plentiful. Upon entering the venue, they rush towards the stage like maggots feasting on rotten flesh, with some of the fans however choosing to hover nearer to the bar instead, or to grab a seat at a table near the rear of the venue.

A blanket of darkness enters, and I Killed The Prom Queen (****) take to the stage equipped with a temporary frontman while on the road with their previous vocalist Ed Butcher leaving not too long ago to join Eternal Lord. The band delivering screams, growls, chugging riffs, and blasting beats to the audience in a frenzy style. Playing songs like ‘Say Goodbye’ and ‘Sharks In Your Mouth’, they’re not going out without putting up a fight. Kids are crowdsurfing and diving off the stage after every other song, leaving I Killed The Prom Queen something to be proud once their set is over.

This gives everyone time to freshen up; some people in the crowd battered, sweating, and exhausted from the assault they just encountered and endured. But it’s not long before the main attraction of the night appears to show their fans a good night. Bring Me The Horizon (*****) enter to an epic instrumental with orchestral music and a string section, which in the end is accompanied by rap gangster music.

The band open with ‘A Lot Like Vegas’, instantly opening up two pits in the venue – kids pushing each other, and swinging their limbs about, just generally enjoying themselves. One person towards the back is even doing a dance like Dr. Zoidberg (from the cartoon series Futurama), imitating the claw actions with a smug look upon his face. They then play through their set, with songs such as ‘Traitors Never Play Hangman’, ‘Liquor & Love Lost’, and ‘Black & Blue’, during which a circle pit forms. Kids towards the back have been throwing themselves in the air, frontman Oliver Sykes has been warned by security for encouraging the crowd to jump on the stage and crowdsurf, and the Dr. Zoidberg wannabe has been hanging from pipes off the venues ceiling on several occasions. Everything is, for lack of a better word, hectic.

The band announce that they are doing a cover of the Slipknot track ‘Eyeless’ for a compilation CD for popular UK rock magazine Kerrang!, and proceed to play the song live for the crowd. Kids are going berserk, pulling Oli down from the ceiling, holding him and various amounts of the fans as they crowdsurf, and not one person in sight has a frown on their faces. They finally end the night with one of their more popular tracks, ‘For Stevie Wonder’s Eyes Only’, and Oli tries to get as many kids as possible onto the stage before the night is over. A good 40+ kids climb and cluster onto the stage along with the members of the band they’ve been worshipping all night, some of them struggling to even fit on the stage, but just wanting to take part in the fun.

The song ends, and the night is over. Bring Me The Horizon have done their job, and leave their fans with another night to remember.

Written by Zach Redrup