LIVE: Bring Me The Horizon @ Academy 3, Manchester (27/11/2007)

Date: November 27th, 2007
Venue: Academy 3, Manchester
Support: The Break In, The Chariot


Relentless touring is what has been 2007 for Sheffield’s Bring Me The Horizon, and this is their third UK headlining tour this year. But let’s not forget to mention the band have also had their first tours in both Europe and the US in the preceeding months too. Tonight’s venue is Manchester Academy 3, a small-ish venue that’s perfect for the boy’s style.

The night begins with support act The Break In (**) to warm the crowd up. Despite the fact that the crowd opens up two mosh pits before the band begin playing, The Break In seem a bit… too repetitive. Sure, the style of music with tonight’s bands makes most songs very similar to many ears, but with The Break In you’re not quite sure when one song ends and another begins – thank God for the short interludes in-between. The rest of the crowd don’t seem too into it either, with their set ending with only one small mosh pit in sight, and more than half of the crowd barely moving their bodies except to get a drink or go to the toilet. A little more interaction could have changed a lot for this band’s performance.

No matter, second act The Chariot (***) are a much more entertaining spectacle. They’re active, ferocious, and exciting in both their music and their visual performance. Frontman Josh Scogin, formerly of the Christian metalcore band Norma Jean, jumps into the crowd on numerous occasions. At one point, he even grabs bassist Jon Kindler and chucks him in there for a slice of the action. ‘Forgive Me Nashville’ goes down a treat, with most of the crowd either in a mosh pit, or at least jumping around a little bit. The Chariot have made a great impression to any newcomers to the band, and there’s no doubt that they’ve probably won a few over aswell.

It reaches 10:05PM… and when the lights go out all you can hear are high pitched screams of excitement. That’s when you know it’s time for Bring Me The Horizon (****) to show the crowd and the previous bands just how it’s done. Right into the band’s first song ‘Pray For Plagues’ frontman Oliver Sykes is already jumping into the crowd and making this night more of an experience than a gig. The fans literally love him, some may say they’re a little obsessed with the 22 year old. The crowd even steal some of his clothes, as you hear through the speakers “Give me my shoes back.” from a man who’s drowned in the audience. The band continue through their set, playing ‘Black & Blue’ and ‘Tell Slater To Not Wash His Dick’, and even throw in an oldie or two like ‘Traitors Never Play Hangman’. All the while the crowd are devoted and obsessed, with raging mosh pits a plenty, and pretty much every word to every song is screamed back to them. The crowd are having a good time, and it’s clear that the band are too.

Bring Me The Horizon are one of today’s best British live acts, and not many people who’ve been to see them would disagree.

Written by Zach Redrup