LIVE: blessthefall @ The Relentless Garage, London (15/10/2011)

Date: October 15th, 2011
Venue: The Relentless Garage, London
Support: Motionless In White, Pierce The Veil


With the recent release of their third full-length studio album, ‘Awakening’, blessthefall return to the UK with support from Pierce The Veil and Motionless In White, the latter of the two on their first ever visit to UK shores. The Garage was a big step up for a headline date for the band, having previously played venues as small as London’s Camden Underworld. Without a doubt, this tour is an important one for them.

The night gets underway with the Pennsylvanian sextet, Motionless In White (****), who deliver an excellent opener to get the night underway. Having being their first time on British shores, the band show a high amount of optimism in both stage presence and speaking to the crowd. The band opens things up with their album title-track ‘Creatures’, probably their most well-known song. This instantly provided the crowd with that spark to get going. The band had a brilliant performance minus a few errors here and there; the main problems were some off key vocals from time to time from bassist Richard Olson. However, this was more than made up for from the brilliant performance from Chris Cerulli; whose vocals were near perfection for the entire setlist. MIW also provide a decent setlist which was very well received by the crowd, particularly in songs such as ‘Abigail’ and ‘We Only Come Out At Night’.

Next on the agenda are California’s Pierce The Veil (*****). Having played with A Day To Remember earlier this year, they have clearly grown in both confidence and status. I wasn’t expecting much from them; however, they pulled a near perfect performance out of the bag. The band was filled with an explosive amount of energy and optimism, as well as stepping up to the plate instrumentally and vocally; with almost pitch-perfect vocals from Vic Fuentes. The band was also extremely well received from the crowd, having both a good atmosphere on and off stage; their cover of ‘Like A G6’ was particularly well received. The setlist also delivers some punches, with hard-hitters like ‘Caraphernelia’ to slower songs like ‘Yeah Boy And Doll Face’.

Headliners blessthefall (****) are definitely on top form. Minus the lack of vocal clarity here-and-there as well as some off key vocals, the band provided a very well executed set. The band opened up with new offering title-track ‘Awakening’, which gets the crowd going before the set even gets properly underway. ‘Promised Ones’ delivers the punch that the band need to get themselves underway. They play a good variation from old to new songs, from typical crowd pleasers such as ‘To Hell And Back’ to ‘Rise Up’ from their two previous albums. The vocals from Beau Bokan have improved to a good extent from previous tours, however, they was let down by the lack of clarity. Jared Warth‘s vocals were also near-perfect. blessthefall have definitely came a long way and can still pull off a decent performance. Just like any other band, there is always room for improvement here or there, nevertheless, the band managed to pull off a successful performance.

Written by Matthew Collins