LIVE: blessthefall @ Rebellion, Manchester (29/09/2017)

Date: September 29th 2017
Venue: Rebellion, Manchester
Support: Scream Blue Murder / Blood Youth


More than a decade deep into their career, Arizona metalcore collective blessthefall are yet to make an exploding impression on the UK to the extent that they hold back in the US. Across their five albums, they’ve for the most part stuck to their guns of what they know and are good since their inception and, though they may not be filling venues on UK shores to the size that they do back home, nothing quite beats that intimate club experience.

Opening up for the Manchester date of their intimate UK stint are Coventry based newcomers Scream Blue Murder [6], who sonically kind of sound like the stepping stone between the ‘Count Your Blessings’ and ‘Suicide Season’ eras of Bring Me The Horizon. Some of frontman Aaron Bloomer’s screams and roars are quite impressive, but where the band really fall down is with the back-up cleans. They fall to the wayside in the mix and, when they do surface, they’re weak and frail.

The same can’t be said for Blood Youth [9], who prove once again why they’re one of the most exciting emerging bands in the UK. The crowd erupts almost instantly as the band break into set opener, ‘Making Waves’, and the high octane and adrenaline filled set doesn’t stop from there. It takes a couple of songs for frontman Kaya Tarsus to get into it, but after a bunch of massive punches in the form of ‘Parasite’, ‘Closure’, and ‘Failure’, he jumps right into the middle of the crowd and screams alongside them.

A bucket filled with water and soap spills across the middle of the floor thanks to a member of staff, but they manage to mop it up and leave a hazard sign just in time before blessthefall [8] make an appearance. Of course, someone in the middle of the pit picks up and starts pumping the hazard sign into the air before the band even get through set opener ‘What’s Left Of Me’, and it even makes its way into frontman Beau Bokan‘s possession at one point.

Though admittedly only a short set, especially if you take into consideration that they have five albums to play with, blessthefall stick to the favourites, which seems to see very little material from their latest record, ‘To Those Left Behind’. ’40 Days’ and ‘Hollow Bodies’ see metalcore-by-numbers at its best, and plenty of crowdsurfing, but the highlight comes in the “encore” – depsite them not leaving the stage – of ‘Hey Baby, Here’s That Song You Wanted’. The small Rebellion stage gets rushed and filled with fans, rubbing shoulder to shoulder and singing along with the band, and seeing out an intimate show from one of the genre’s current main stakeholders.

Written by Zach Redrup (@zachredrup)