LIVE: Black Veil Brides @ ABC1, Glasgow (09/10/2011)

Date: October 9th, 2011
Venue: ABC1, Glasgow
Support: Yashin, My Passion


In the space of a short few months, Black Veil Brides have went from supporting Murderdolls at this very venue to staging their very own sold-out show here. They may be one of the most controversial bands around at the moment, however, the Hollywood glam-rockers have obviously made their mark on Glasgow, half an hour before doors open and the line already circles around one of the largest venues in the city. But, before Black Veil Brides take to the stage, they have two of the UK’s brightest upcoming bands supporting.

My Passion (***) take to this stage for the second time in a matter of months having supported Framing Hanley. The Hertfordshire rockers play through a decent set which raises the temperature of this crowd, some of which have been queuing in the cold from the early hours of the morning. Lawrence Rene takes to the stage in a cloak and mask, however, his costume changes around five times before the end of their set, strongly created from the ‘Inside This Machine’ album, with ‘The Girl Who Lost Her Smile’ being the obvious crowd pleaser.

Next up, hometown boys Yashin (****), and it’s pretty obvious these guys could be headlining shows like this already, having sold out a slightly smaller venue along the street a year ago headlining over The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Dave Beaton takes to the stage first, drumming along to a dubstep variation of the band’s debut album intro, ‘Awake While I’m Asleep’. They have the crowd whipped into an absolute frenzy with circle pits aplenty, playing through a well contructed set of debut album – notably single ‘Stand Up’ – fused with a couple of unheard songs from their upcoming album, ‘Runaway Train’ and ‘New Year Or New York’. The band finish the rousing set with their usual cover of Britney Spears single ‘Everytime’, with the trademark stage dives from vocalists Harry Radford and Kevin Miles before exiting to deafening chants.

Black Veil Brides (****) finally take to the stage in good stride, and whether you love them or hate them, this band’s ability and stage presence is undeniable. The band, clad in their usual attire – which draws comparisons to a rougher, heavier and updated KISS – launch into ‘Love Isn’t Always Fair’. The band play this crowd like veterans, playing through a rapturous set list with incredible guitar riffs, well crafted vocals and a four minute drum solo by CC (Christian Coma). These guys have that special something that separates the good from the great. Ashley Purdey comes back on stage to rile the audience for the re-arrival of the obvious magnet of the band Andy Biersack, a man who strides around the stage as though he’s been commanding sell-out crowds all his life, and a man who, if he ever finds the necessity for a bra, he need look no further than the bundle which has been thrown at him tonight to add to the collection.

The five-piece from across the pond smoothly slip a cover of Billy Idol‘s ‘Rebel Yell’ into the setlist of favourites, such as ‘Black Rebel Love Song’, ‘The Legacy’ and ‘Knives And Pens’. However, it’s hit single ‘Fallen Angels’ that BVB casually leave ’til last, which has this crowd singing louder than Biersack at some points. Several fans came here tonight to see My Passion and Yashin, however, it’s Black Veil Brides who left everyone breathless.

Written by Gary Cassidy