LIVE: Between The Buried And Me @ Moho Live, Manchester (22/09/2011)

Date: September 22nd, 2011
Venue: Moho Live, Manchester
Support: Animals As Leaders


Can the tiny venue that is Moho Live withstand the technical ferocity produced by the living legends that are Between The Buried And Me? Only time will tell, but considering that there is no barrier and the venue is packed to the hilts, I’m guessing there is going to be a whole new level of anarchy within the venue’s walls tonight.

After an hour has slowly dragged by, highly anticipated support Animals As Leaders (****) emerge on stage. These guys are nothing short of incredible. Opening with an ambient ‘Point To Point’, creating a dream-like atmosphere, it’s the kind of sound I imagine I would hear if I wear to float up to heaven. Then, just as I was about to reach those big pearly gates, I was thrown straight down to hell with the almighty ‘Wave Of Babies’ ringing in my ears. Sounding similar to that of Meshuggah, the sheer chaotic beauty of their sound is awe-inspiring.

The sheer talent possessed by Animals As Leaders is staggering, each insanely technical and complex song is played to perfection and not a beat missed. Although they don’t have a vocalist, when their music is this good, you don’t even need one. Apart from a few technical difficulties here and there, they gave an outstanding performance, one of the best support bands I have ever seen.

Now, I have not seen Between The Buried And Me (*****) before, so it’s about time I had popped that cherry. BTBAM did not only pop said cherry, but they destroyed it. Launching into ‘Specular Reflection’, they instantly blow everyone away. Vocalist Tommy Giles Rogers is just in-fucking-credible. Having some of the best live vocals I have ever seen, his live screams are even more powerful than they are on record, as is his outstanding singing. Not to mention the phenomenal guitaring, Paul Waggoner and Dustie Waring left me dumbfounded and speechless with their technical wizardry on epic anthems such as ‘Obfuscation’.

This gig was weird, wonderful and terrifying (I couldn’t find a synonym for “scary” beginning with ‘W’). I mean, come on, can you think of any other metal band that can throw in an accordion interlude and still make it sound like a work of art? BTBAM are geniuses, pure and simple. I knew they were good live, but I had no idea they were THAT good. I almost feel ashamed for how much they surpassed my expectations. If this was anyone’s first gig, I feel so sorry for them, for they will now go to gigs with these unbelievable high expectations that will probably never be met again. Damn you BTBAM, damn you.

Written by Andy Roberts