LIVE: Beach Slang @ The Star & Garter, Manchester (21/01/2016)

Date: January 21st 2016
Venue: The Star & Garter, Manchester
Support: Grover / Petal


In today’s modern punk scene, the rise of pop-punk as a genre and acts such as Neck Deep and The Story So Far is taking far more prominent focus than the classic punk blueprint; quick songs, aggressive passion, and general chaotic fun. Beach Slang are taking this idea by the throat, and dragging it up the ranks with them, and tonight they’re showing Manchester just why we should just shut up, pay attention, and give a fuck.

Local openers Grover [3] are the basic, brash, and almost off the cuff punk rock band that pretty much every town will have in near abundance. The songs are very simple and by-the-books, and the vocals from frontman Steveland Minta are gruff, who is sporting a beard that even Four Year Strong would envy. It’s just all very boring by about two songs in.

Usually equipped with a backing band, Pennsylvania native Petal [7] (the pseudonym of Kiley Lotz) has made her debut appearance on British shores on her own, with just her voice and her guitar, and evidently that’s all she really needs. The more stripped back manner of the likes of ‘Comeback’ and ‘Silly Heart’ really exposes the core of her tracks, the true ability of her voice, and as a result has our heartstrings absolutely tugged by the time her set comes to a close.

They may all look like they’re dressed to be one of your tutors at university, but Beach Slang [8] can rock better than most of us. The vibe from the off from the band is just fun and spontaneity, and before long it feels more like a party with friends than a gig you’ve paid a ticket for. Frontman James Alex is regularly thrash himself about when he doesn’t need to sing, and often goes off on humorous and seemingly drunken tangents between songs.

Despite having only one album and a couple of EPs to their name, the band make sure everyone gets their money worth with an over hour long set, with smashers like ‘Hard Luck Kid’, ‘Filthy Luck’, and ‘Noisy Heaven’ being just a few handfuls of highlights. Alex goes solo for a brief moment for ‘Too Late To Die Young’, and some covers of tracks by The Replacements, Senseless Things, and Jawbreaker really solidifies Beach Slang as worthy of the title of ‘ones to watch’. Viva la punk!

Written by Zach Redrup (@zachredrup)