LIVE: Banned! Night @ Winnington Rec, Northwich (07/09/2007)

Date: September 7th, 2007
Venue: Winnington Rec, Northwich
Headliners: Sex Radio
Support: Geneva’s Lab

Rating: 5/10


Friday night at Winnington Rec usually means one thing – Banned! Night. A night where the locals are invited to join in socialising and enjoying the local musical talents around the nearby Cheshire area. Geneva’s Lab and Sex Radio are the two bands that are having their turn today at trying to prove to everyone here tonight that they’re something to be talking about.

Geneva’s Lab (***) from Northwich is tonight’s opening act, with a sound similar to that of most modern punk rock bands. For a band that play songs the likes of Sum 41, Rancid, and Blink 182 would have been expected to perform they don’t quite have the edge that their genre of music usually comes along with. It seems they’re kind of missing an essential piece from their package that could make them rise from an average local band to a great local band. An interesting attempt, but could maybe use a little more time during rehearsal to give their live performances the extra kick that they need.

Geneva’s Lab clear up after their set, and after an interval that lasts about 25 minutes or so band number two hit the stage. Sex Radio (***) come to close this weeks Banned! event, and start their set with a surprising twist. Front man Chris appears to the stage half-naked, with nothing above his waist but a pair of rather large sunglasses. Going through their set it seems that Sex Radio know what they’re up to and have a particular style sorted out. It also seems they’re trying to create a new sound, combining a fusion of synth/electronica with a touch of rock. Nowadays this combination isn’t really all that new, especially with the likes of today’s bands of Panic! At The Disco, The Medic Droid, Klaxons, and Enter Shikari. However, this doesn’t mean their act wasn’t entertaining, with most of tonight’s crowd heading to the front to watch this band it proves they haven’t failed their job as entertainers.

Sex Radio soon wrap up their set, and Banned! Night is over again for another week. The local talent is always differing at Winnington Rec, and each time always has something different to offer. Let’s see what’s in store within the next few coming weeks.

Written by Zach Redrup