LIVE: As It Is @ The Garage, Glasgow (11/03/2018)

Date: March 11th 2018
Venue: The Garage, Glasgow
Support: Grayscale / WSTR / Like Pacific


It’s been quite some journey for As It Is. Starting off as a small band from Brighton back in 2012, the group rose through the plethora of pop-punk bands trying to make it, and have become a staple name in the scene. With two full albums now under their belt (sophomore ‘okay.’ being about a year old now) and an ever-growing, dedicated fan base, it seems they can do no wrong, and another UK headline run proves that.

Earliest to take the stage in Glasgow are Philadelphia’s finest, Grayscale [8], who go down a treat with the early attending fans. The quintet bust through tracks off of their debut album ‘Adornment’, including lead single ‘Atlantic’, which is as much of a bop live as it is on record. Frontman Collin Walsh and guitarist Dallas Molster‘s interchangeable vocals are neatly pulled off, but the real highlight of the set comes in ‘Come Undone’, which sees the band joined by Patty Walters of As It Is making an early cameo.

Liverpool’s WSTR [9] are next on this monster bill, and boy are they great live. Playing through a punchy collection of songs from their current catalogue, Sammy Clifford and his rat-pack of misfits get the crowd knocking each other about. Pop-punk belters ‘Graveyard Shift’, ‘Footprints’, ‘Lonely Smiles’, and especially ‘Eastbound and Down’ highlight the bangers that this band have, with Clifford‘s energetic vocals sounding great throughout.

Like Pacific [8] cap off the evening’s support run. Fast-paced and ferociously fun, the Canadian boys blitz through tracks from their 2016 debut ‘Distant Like You Asked’, like set opener ‘Worthless Case’, stomper ‘Richmond’, and ’22A’ which frontman Jordan Black dedicates to his late grand mother. Speaking of Black, wow – does this guy has some serious pipes. His vocals easily transition from clean to belting out cutting high-end notes without even breaking a sweat. His vocals are so superior, there’s almost no difference to his performance on record, particularly on new single, ‘Sedatives’.

As soon as the lights go out and the lead guitar of ‘Hey Rachel’ blares out the speakers, screams and movement encompasses the hall for the perfect entrance for As It Is [9]. There’s no stop as the band smash through ‘Patchwork Love’ and ‘Pretty Little Distance’ straight from the off, with frontman bouncing from side-to-side on stage and swinging the mic more times than even Adam Lazzarra could count.

‘Concrete’ and ‘Cheap Shots And Setbacks’ from the band’s 2015 debut serve as a throwback to their early year, and the latter of the two sees Grayscale‘s Walsh make a further appearance onstage, with Molster also joining him for the bridge. Darker, more mature cuts like ‘No Way Out’ and ‘Soap’ provide groove-ridden belters that the crowd can’t help but sing along to, before ‘Curtains Close’ softens the fast-paced pop punk, and ‘Until I Return’ and ‘Austen’ smash us back into reality.

Walters teases the crowd, questioning how long their fans have stuck by them, before bursting into ‘Often’, straight from the 2013 EP, ‘Blenheim Place’. They’re not done there though, as ‘Bitter Broken Me’ and ‘Can’t Save Myself’ serve as further reminders of how they’ve come. As Walters jokes, they used to “play to only 8 people, sometimes 9 if my mum showed up.”

‘Still Remembering’ softens the mood a little, with Walters standing as a singular figure on a lonely stage with his acoustic guitar. The band re-enter for their encore, also announce that they’ve finished recording album number three, before a one-two of ‘okay.’ and ‘Dial Tones’ put an end to the perfect pop-punk show.

Written by Dylan Tuck (@dylanjtuck)