LIVE: Architects @ The Ritz, Manchester (10/03/2015)

Date: March 10th, 2015
Venue: The Ritz, Manchester
Support: Counterparts / blessthefall / Every Time I Die


The growth of metalcore and Sea Shepherds stalwarts Architects over the past few years has been an interesting one to spectate. Following the arguable flop of ‘The Here And Now’ in 2011, the one-two release of the increasingly impressive ‘Daybreaker’ and ‘Lost Forever // Lost Together’ respectively have seen the British troupe progress by leaps and bounds, not just with their craft in the studio, but also as musicians. Back on the road, this is where the guys truly thrive.

Tour openers Counterparts (***) jump into action for the early birds of the night, and instantly get some of the first few rows pumped up and jumping around. Frontman Brendan Murphy is constantly pacing across the stage as they burst through their set, carrying positive messages but never subsiding on the melodic punk edge. They even sneak in a peek into a new song mid-set and, though clearly a band best enjoyed mere inches away and not atop a tall stage, they certainly set the tone.

blessthefall (***) easily accomodate for the slightly younger members of the crowd, and keep an abundance of breakdowns and weighty chugging throughout their set, featuring cuts like ‘What’s Left Of Me’ and ‘You Wear A Crown But You’re No King’. The scream trade-offs between frontman Beau Bokan and bassist Jared Warth are impressive, and Bokan even jumps down to stand face-to-face with the front row during set closer, ‘Hollow Bodies’, giving some high-fives to their fans.

Things get stepped up a whole fuck load of gears for Buffalo’s own Every Time I Die (*****) are one of the closest embodiments of vigour that you’ll see on almost any stage. Frontman Keith Buckley‘s screams and charisma really boosts the ETID experience, and within the first 5 minutes Jordan Buckley leaps right into the crowd like a crazed gazelle. The likes of ‘Floater’ and ‘Bored Stiff’ see the crowd burst into a frenzy, and during ‘Decayin’ With The Boys’ a never ending flow of crowd surfers summon towards Keith with high five after high five.

All of the lights drop completely, leaving The Ritz in almost total darkness before Architects (*****) emerge from from the slow development of stage lights. Kicking right off with ‘Broken Cross’, Architects show a potential career best throughout the night, and really displaying their confidence in their new material by playing the entirety of their latest album, ‘Lost Forever // Lost Together’. Sam Carter‘s vocals are on incredible form, interchanging between inhuman screams to soaring hooks like it was the easiest thing in the world.

A few rare dips into older cuts like ‘Early Grave’ and ‘Devil’s Island’ give us a change of pace from the ‘LF//LT’ dense set choice, and the call-to-arms of ‘Follow The Water’ is a prominent highlight as always. However, it’s the one-two encore of ‘The Distant Blue’ and ‘Gravedigger’ that truly signs off tonight – the band’s biggest headline show to date – as one that won’t soon be forgotten.

Written by Zach Redrup (@zachredrup)