LIVE: Architects @ Academy, Manchester (12/11/2016)

Date: November 12th 2016
Venue: Academy, Manchester
Support: Stick To Your Guns / Bury Tomorrow


Anyone who knows the history of Brighton darlings Architects will know that they’ve certainly been through enough trials and tribulations in their career to rightfully earn the pedestal they stand upon today. This year’s output ‘All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us’ became the band’s most successful record, and the fruits of their labour see them now on what is their biggest headline tour to date.

Setting the evening off are a band who are all about message and passion first and foremost. Stick To Your Guns [7] have got a lot of anger in them, and channelling them out through the likes of ‘Universal Language’ and ‘What Choice Did You Give Us?’ gets the crowd rallying to their calls for change. Frontman Jesse Barnett has his fair share of opinions with the world, calling the crowd a generation who can change things, especially considering how scary things have become over the years.

Southampton’s Bury Tomorrow [8] seem to never stop touring and stomping their name across the UK and Europe. Now, with fourth record ‘Earthbound’ under their belts, they’ve finally got the tunes that can truly stranglehold the scene and ascend them up the ranks. Thankfully, they seem more than comfortable on the bigger stage, and new cuts ‘301’ and ‘Cemetery’ sound formidable and ferocious. It’s still ‘Lionheart’, however, that stands as the crown jewel in their catalogue, with a tidal wave high chorus that comes crashing down and sweeps us right into the band’s clutches.

A huge black sheet drapes over the front of the stage, with a projection of the title ‘All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us’ shining brightly through it. Mammoth sounding riffs and drum blasts slowly burst through, before the curtain plummets to reveal Architects [10] in all their glory, bursting right into ‘Nihilist’. From here on out the atmosphere throughout the room is huge. Really huge. H-U-G-E huge.

‘Broken Cross’ gnarls with discontent towards religious driven evil, ‘Gravity’ secures itself as one of the biggest monoliths the band have ever birthed, and ‘Early Grave’ sounds even more merciless than it first did back in 2009 when it helped to first finally bust them into the mainstream of the scene. Sam Carter‘s vocals are at a career best, and though that certainly helps Architects to continue pushing up that bar, everyone in the room knows that this lies as a bittersweet celebration.

This is easily one of the biggest shows the band have ever performed as a headliner, and is a goal that the band have been striving for since their inception. The band are at the peak of the career, something that they’re quite clearly grateful for, and Carter humbly continues to thank the crowd for such a position. It’s heartbreaking that sadly this isn’t something that late guitarist and principle songwriter Tom Searle was able to be a part of, tragically losing his battle with cancer back in August. Closer ‘Gone With The Wind’ is a fitting tribute to the much adored bandmate and brother of drummer Dan, and the legacy that he has left behind for us all to encapsulate right now.

2016 has been a dark, remorseless, and unforgiving year with who it has seen us lose. Tom Searle may no longer be with us, but his art and influence will forever be, and with Architects we’ve been able to ensure that his memory and life was one that will never be forgotten.

Written by Zach Redrup (@zachredrup)