LIVE: A Day To Remember @ Pavilions, Plymouth (14/11/2014)

Date: November 14th, 2014
Venue: Pavilions, Plymouth
Line-up: Decade / Lower Than Atlantis


Seeing a familiar band in an unfamiliar place is always a great feeling. Just having that sense of being in a place you love as well as feeling like you’re in the outskirts of nowhere. A Day To Remember are recently doing a tour to explore some more of the UK. So, with the stage set for mayhem, the crowd all excited and extra security on the balcony sections, it’s going to be one of those nights.

First up gracing the stage are the boys from Bath, Decade (****), who after a few songs getting them into the momentum take the crowd and stage into their own. Their alternative rock rhythms combined with the pop-punk punches displayed in some of their tracks help the fans get behind the group. Songs like ‘Brainfreeze’ and ‘Callous’ echo through the entire arena to a wired up crowd. Closing with the popular ‘British Weather’, the track conforms all newcomers to this band into a new fan.

Following up are one of the fastest known names due to their latest self-titled album being a commercial success, Lower Than Atlantis (****), who completely take to the stage in classic LTA fashion. A strong sound, strong presence and the irreplaceable vocals of Mike Duce plow straight through his microphone as soon as ‘Love Someone Else’ is played. Some of the newer tunes such as ‘Words Don’t Come So Easily’ get the crowd moving, along with their select older numbers. 2015 holds a lot more potential and exposure for this band, and you shouldn’t keep yourself hidden from it.

Now we come across a band who know how to throw a party… no, it’s not Attila. It’s A Day To Remember (*****), who right off the bat break out the confetti and streamers with their smash hit, ‘The Downfall Of Us All’, inciting a raucous crowd of push pits and crowd chanting. That’s before the hardcore dancers break out in full swing during ‘2nd Sucks’, with the amount of windmilling on display easily holding the potential to power a small cul-de-sac. Throughout the night, the pop-punk ragers coinciding with the hardcore/metalcore annihilators such as ‘Mr. Highway’s Thinking About The End’ bring out the best in the band, with all of them possessing their own likeable traits, making the night that much more memorable.

Written by Josh Palmer