LIVE: 65daysofstatic @ The Globe, Cardiff (28/07/2014)

Date: July 28th, 2014
Venue: The Globe, Cardiff
Support: Nordic Giants


It’s hotter inside The Globe than your uncle’s basement, so what better type of gig to attend than a post-rock concert. 65daysofstatic have a few dates to take in before they head off to the continent on tour, and along for ride in this case are Nordic Giants.

Brighton’s Nordic Giants (*****) are only a duo, but they pack a punch greater than an entire orchestra. If you haven’t seen Nordic Giants before, it’s something you truly have to experience to understand. The set relies as much on the music played as the superbly produced video shorts that accompany each song, projected onto a screen at the back of the stage.

Each expertly crafted short tells a tale in five minutes that catapults you through the entire emotional spectrum, from confusion, to empathy, despair and exaltation. A particular highlight is a story of a mysterious box that a robot butler discovers, accompanied by some sorrowful trumpetry and crashing drums. It’s safe to say that if more of a furore was caused about Nordic Giants, they would be scoring Hollywood movies, such is their talent.

After such a superb opening act, it’s difficult to tell how the main band can follow. 65daysofstatic (****) do their damned best, causing mayhem amongst the airwaves with their loud electronic influenced post-rock. The set begins slowly with ‘Heat Death Infinity Splitter’ and an unusually underwhelming ‘Dance Dance Dance’ as the sweltering conditions threaten to derail the evening’s entertainment.

Newer cuts from 65dos‘ latest offering ‘Wild Light’ aren’t quite as energetic as the classics from ‘We Were Exploding Anyway’ and ‘The Fall Of Math’, but ‘Sleepwalk City’ and ‘Taipei’ are notable exceptions, providing a wave of emotion outpoured from Paul Wolinski‘s piano. Bassist Simon Wright slowly evolves into a sweat monster and is in real danger of drowning by the time the 1hr+ set begins to come to a close.

Three couples on the front row ensure that their tongues are never out of each others’ throats throughout the set, but it doesn’t stop everyone else from doing their best to move their hips to the occasionally flabbergasting time signatures. The evening concludes with fan-favourite ‘Radio Protector’ and the unusual choice of ‘Safe Passage’.

65daysofstatic are over a decade old now, but they’re still expending enough energy to light an entire city.

Written by MG Savage (MGsavagewriter)