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Swedish trio Port Noir are back with their energetic blend of old school rock with modern day pop, R&B and hip-hop that is as creative as it is intense. The band excel using a minimalist approach that keeps the foundation of the song simple but keeps the listener on edge at all times and can explode at any time.

We caught up with drummer Andreas Wiberg to find out all about the band before the release of their new album ‘The New Routine’ in May.


Alternative Rock

Södertälje, Sweden

Death From Above 1979 / Queens Of The Stone Age / The Weeknd

‘Any Way The Wind Carries’ (2016) (Stream)
‘Puls’ (2013) (Stream)





DP!: How would you describe yourselves to someone who has never heard Port Noir before?
Andreas: Hard-hitting alt-rock trio that blends old-school rock with contemporary pop, r&b and hip-hop in a creative and minimalist fashion. Inspired by bands such as Rage Against the Machine, Death from Above 1979, The Weeknd, Daft Punk, Queens of the Stone Age.

DP!: How did the band form?
Andreas: Love Andersson and I played together in a another band prior to Port Noir and we had been talking about starting something new for a while. So we asked Andreas Hollstrand if he wanted to join us and luckily he was. A few weeks later we met at the rehearsal space over a couple of beers and wrote and recorded the basics of our first song ever – ’Sun dé Man’. And that song got us signed two weeks later.

DP!: What plans do you have for the future?
Andreas: Keep on grinding and take Port Noir to the big stages!

DP!: Which new bands are you listening to right now?
Andreas Hmm, that’s hard. Can’t think of any right now. I’m so busy playing drums that I have no time to find new bands haha :).

But I really like Architechts new album ’Holy Hell’ and Ariana Grande’s new album ’thank you, next’.

DP!: Which bands do you aspire to and why?
Andreas: I would say any band small or big that is working hard and not giving up on their vision is very inspiring to me.

DP!: What’s the stand out moment in your career so far?
Andreas: That’s tough to answer because I’m not looking back that often, for good and for worse haha. I’m constantly thinking about what to do next and do it better. But if I have to answer something, I would say our last tour that we did together with our friends in Pain of Salvation. Best tour we’ve done so far! A lot of fun!

Port Noir‘s new album ‘The New Routine’ is scheduled for release on May 10th, via InsideOutMusic, and you can preorder the album here.

You can keep up-to-date with the band online over on Facebook and Twitter.