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Bristol post-hardcore/metalcore mob IMMERSE are back with their new single ‘Here’s Hoping’ that comments on realisation of someones true colours and cutting them from your life; constant negativity takes its toll and identifying the cause of that is important to help us grow.

We caught up with Archie Hatfield and Tim Brown from the band to find out about IMMERSE‘s origins and plans for the future.


Melodic hardcore

Bristol, UK

TheCityIsOurs / Foxblood / Mayfield



DP!: How would you describe yourselves to someone who has never heard Immerse before?
Immerse: Our sound is a perfect blend of light and dark, heavy and soft and aggression and passion. We have a lot of influences from many genres but IMMERSE definitely takes most of theirs from the Pop punk and Hardcore area of music. We manage to sound fresh and familiar at the same time.

DP!: How did the band form?
Immerse: We formed in late 2018! We’ve previously played together in bands with different lineups but decided to start fresh with IMMERSE.

DP!: What plans do you have for the future?
Immerse: We have recently announced a UK headline tour for early next year! Obviously this is a difficult year for live music so we’re working hard on creating an exciting new live set and special projects for our fans. All I can say is that there is plenty more new music coming out this year…

DP!: Which new bands are you listening to right now?
Immerse: Phoxjaw are an awesome band that you should definitely check out. They’re good friends of ours and smash it live. One Last Daybreak are another new band we played with last year that are great for fans of metalcore!

DP!: Which bands do you aspire to and why?
Immerse: For me it’s Architects because they have shown everyone that if you work hard enough at your craft, you can make it. I’ve followed them since they were playing small clubs and it’s amazing how they’re now headlining arena tours. I definitely recommend watching their documentary ‘One Hundred Days’. It’s really eye opening and shows how hardworking they all are.

DP!: What’s the stand out moment in your career so far?
Immerse: Playing Macmillan cancer festival in Nottingham! We played to a packed room and the crowd were really energetic! Can’t wait to be back playing shows again.

IMMERSE‘s new single ‘Here’s Hoping’ is out now.

You can keep up-to-date with the band online over on Facebook.