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After six years of short releases, Melbourne alt-metallers Figures have released their debut record ‘Operating In Unsafe Mode’. With the likes of ‘Underpaid Machinery’ commenting on the under appreciation of workers from corporate employers and ‘Someone Invited’ exploring external forces voting on life changing decisions within communities they have no connection with, the record has plenty to say on modern society. Throw in the blistering riffs and rage that Figures bring, and they are on to a real winner.

We caught up with the band to talk about their origins and their plans for the future.


Heavy Melodic Rock

Melbourne, Australia

Black Orchid Empire / Circles / Dead Letter Circus



DP!: How would you describe yourselves to someone who has never heard Figures before?
Figures: Figures is an alternative metal band that has equal parts heavy, groove and melody. Or I’d just pull out my phone and force them to listen to a song hahaha!

DP!: How did the band form?
Figures: About 7 years ago after my last band fell apart I put a “I’m lonely and need someone to play music with new people” advertisement out on the internet. Mark was the first person to respond back to the ad’. I’m pretty sure he regrets responding to it. In the 7 years we have had a few line up changes but we now have a great unit that is ready to push forward in such a great and positive way.

DP!: What plans do you have for the future?
Figures: While we are enjoying the release of the album and the great responses we have also been in lockdown due to COVID. We will for sure tour when that becomes an option but while we are in lock down we are also currently writing new material for a new album.

DP!: Which bands are you listening to right now?
Figures: Currently I’m bouncing between Tool’s new album, Jeff Buckley, the Cure, Deftones, Bjork and a bunch of Classical music that helps me while studying.

DP!: Which bands do you aspire to and why?
Figures: Any band that has some form of longevity and great fans, Deftones, Tool, NIN. I’m also really impressed with Periphery. Not only is there music amazing but also they way they operate on a business level is extremely professional and you can tell they are super hard workers too.

DP!: What’s the stand out moment in your career so far?
Figures: I would say this album being released as well as being played on BBC1. At the time I didn’t really understand how awesome that was but now I’m all WOOOO HOOOO BBC1 played us on the radio!

Figures‘ debut album ‘Operating In Unsafe Mode’ is out now.

You can order the album online from the Apple Music (here) and Amazon Music (here)

You can keep up-to-date with the band online over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.