INTRODUCING: Dragged Under

Credit: Sara Lindsey

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Seattle 5 piece Dragged Under are effortlessly able to strike a balance between thrashed-up hardcore and hooky pop punk. Their debut album ”The World Is In Your Way’ is chock-a-block with catchy choruses and is now available in a deluxe edition that includes 2 brand new tracks.

We managed to catch up with the band to talk about the origins and the future of the band.


Hardcore Punk

Seattle, USA

Beartooth / The Used / Sum 41



DP!: How would you describe yourselves to someone who has never heard Dragged Under before?
Dragged Under is a mix between Sum 41, Rise Against, and The Offspring with a dash of newer metalcore influence. Its 3 parts punk rock, 1 part metal/hardcore.

DP!: How did the band form?
Dragged Under: Like any other band really, we essentially recruited the best members of other groups that weren’t doing anything. The idea here was to find the 5 most committed and talented dudes and bring them together. Initially we were writing our first record as our last band, Rest Repose, but the music was honestly just not the same, it sounded different and felt different, it was more authentic. We didn’t want to continue under the same name because we thought the music had just run its course and we didn’t have the passion for it anymore. So we put all that music out under the new name Dragged Under.

DP!: What plans do you have for the future?
Dragged Under: Right now we just want to get back to normal life, our goals are to tour as often as possible, but right now we’re focused on what we can do, which is content creation.

DP!: Which new bands are you listening to right now?
Dragged Under: Honestly I’ve just been listening to Miley Cyrus’ cover of ‘Heart of Glass’ by Blondie, and Frankie Valley on repeat. But I really like Bleed from within, Savage Hands and a new band out here in Seattle called “Scythe Gang 666” I’ve been really burned out on music lately. There are a lot of carbon copy bands out there all stealing from Architects and Bring Me the Horizon, so I have kinda been going backwards for influence.

DP!: Which bands do you aspire to and why?
Dragged Under: I look up to Green Day and The Offspring the most. These guys were going something so different at a time when punk music wasn’t mainstream or commercially cool. They kicked this off for bands like us to be able to succeed. Granted both of them I think have lost the plot a little, but they made a career doing what they want. That’s all I can hope for.

DP!: What’s the stand out moment in your career so far?
Dragged Under: I don’t think it’s happened yet. I’m constantly surprised at how well received our music is, but I think the truly biggest moments are all ahead of us. We just announced a show in the UK with The Ghost Inside. So that’s 5000 people on the other side of the word that we get to play for, I’m pretty excited about that.

DP!: Where do you want to be a year from now?
Dragged Under: Sounds cliche, but I just want to be touring again. I’ll spare you my opinions on COVID, but I’m really really over this whole not being a musician thing. I got into music to play live, so right now it feels a bit like I’m not doing much. Fingers crossed there are still enough places to play by then.

Dragged Under‘s deluxe version of their debut album ‘The World Is In Your Way’ is out now, via Mascot Records. You can stream/download the album online from the band’s official Bandcamp (here) Apple Music (here), Amazon Music (here) and Spotify (here).

You can keep up-to-date with the band online over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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