INTERVIEW: You Me At Six @ Club Academy, Manchester (04/07/2008)

Date: July 4th, 2008
Venue: Club Academy, Manchester
Interviewer: Zach Redrup

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Zach is lead to the back of the Academy building in Manchester, and into the band’s dressing room. From there he is lead by the You Me At Six frontman Josh Franceschi to another room in the Club Academy floor, where they begin the interview before the band’s sold out show later that night.


Zach: How’s the tour been going so far?
Josh: It’s been really, really good, erm, except for I woke up today and I’m really ill so that’s not great. But the tour’s been amazing, the shows have been amazing, the bands who’ve – that we’ve played with have been amazing; Tonight Is Goodbye, Attack! Attack!, erm, they’ve both been really wicked. We played with Kill The Arcade and Twin Atlantic on the tour, so, and that’s been really cool, erm, it’s just been a really, really good tour. So it’s been good.

Zach: You recently shot a video for the new single ‘Gossip’, what’s been your favourite video to shoot so far?
Josh: Probably that because, erm, we basically – the idea obviously of the song is about a house party, and about a house party I went to with all of my friends. So, we got as many of our friends down in as short notice as we could, and had a party and just filmed it. So it was great and it was really cool to like, although it’s not on a huge scale it’s really wicked to include our friends in something like that, so that was really cool.

Zach: Are there any updates or news on the debut album?
Josh: Erm, any updates? Erm, not really, just that it’s coming out in October, erm…
Zach: Have you not got a title yet?
Josh: We have, but we’re just keeping it under wraps until, until we get to er, we don’t wanna give too much away too early because then it’ll just like, before you know it like “Right, okay, so we know it’s coming out” and then we won’t be able to build it up. People will either really give a shit or really won’t care at all, so we really wanna kinda like – it’s like we’ve done it, we’ve recorded it, it’s there, it’s waiting, but we’re just gonna start kind of like really talking about it when September comes around I think.

Zach: What’s your favourite song to play live?
Josh: Erm, probably ‘You’ve Made Your Bed’, erm, just because I like, I really enjoy it when the crowd gets involved, and it’s either that or ‘The Rumour’. The kids really seem to get involved on that.
Zach: Towards the end where you do the…
Josh: “Hold your hands in the air”, like people, like it is a really cool thing, and like I think even when we’ve done support tours or festivals and people don’t know anything about our band, it’s a bit that it’s really – that you can get involved with it like quite easily. If you’re enjoying the band and you don’t wanna like… stand there and not do anything, but you wanna show your appreciation, it’s like a cool thing, and erm, yeah, I get a really big buzz off doing something like that.

Zach: What’s been your most embarrassing moment in the band?
Josh: Erm, most embarrassing moment in the band? I have a tendency to like slip and fall over a lot in our sets, erm, I’ll just assume something’s there, and I’ll put my foot on the like, the monitor or the erm, whatever it is that I think is there, but it’s not and I’ll fall. And probably Ireland, we did Belfast, and at the end of the song at the end of the set, during the last song ‘The Rumour’ I went into the crowd and put my foot on the barrier, standing up on the barrier, like holding onto people’s hands and then I slipped and fell down, and I thought “Okay, I’ll get back up again”, so I got back up for like a split second and fell back down again, and in the end I just gave up and just lay on the floor singing. But it was pretty annoying.

Zach: If Justin Timberlake came up to you, and asked you – the band to work with him on a new song, would you accept or decline the offer?
Josh: Erm, I dunno, I like I think… erm, I dunno, I really like Justin Timberlake, I think he’s wicked. I think, erm, I think there’s definitely no shame in like, erm, accepting an offer to work with somebody as talented and like, as erm…
Zach: Respected?
Josh: … respected and renowned as he is. So like I mean I’m sure a lot of people who like our band may look at it as like us, like you know, trying to be mainstream or whatever, but I think what we’ve realised in this short space of time that we’ve been a band is that you’re always gonna do stuff that – like you can’t please everyone, and erm, you know if it’s something that at – if it was the right time and we thought it was really something we could do I think we’d love it, so I’m pretty sure we would do it.

Zach: Do you prefer Domino’s Pizza, or pizza from Pizza Hut?
Josh: Er, Domino’s Pizza, for sure. Texas BBQ is pretty sick.
Zach: Not tried that one.
Josh: It’s good man, it’s good. Garlic & Herb sauce along with the crust is a pretty legit choice.

Zach: If you could be any other member of You Me At Six for the day, who would you be and why?
Josh: I’d be Max, and I wouldn’t open my mouth… I’m only joking.
Josh: Nahh, I’d probably be Chewie, just because he kinda always just sits around and kinda like – I just know that he’s always thinking something but he’s not saying it, and I like wanna help him voice what he’s got to say ’cause he’s really quiet. Like, he’s the kinda person that if a load of people were to come into our dressing room he’ll just kinda sit there for ages, and assess the situation. If he likes it, like he might eventually start talking to somebody, if he doesn’t he’ll just sit there and just kind of try and avoid it because he’s not – he’s not the kind of person that’s really loud, he’ll just – he’ll have his moments where he’s like a joker, but other than that he just kinda does his own thing. So, he’s got a lot to offer, but I think he’s just a bit too quiet.

Zach: Who’s your favourite superhero?
Josh: Erm, favourite superhero? I don’t really… I’m just gonna say Spider-Man because it’s the one I know the most.
Zach: [laughs] Fair enough.
Josh: Just ’cause he’s… Spider-Man, so yeah.

Zach: Have you got any musical guilty pleasures?
Josh: Oh yeah, erm, that Leona Lewis song.
Zach: Oh, ‘Bleeding Love’?
Josh: ‘Bleeding Love’, I think it’s fucking sick dude.
Zach: It annoys me.
Josh: Do you like it?
Zach: No, no.
Josh: I think it’s pretty intense, from a songwriter’s point-of-view, like, whoever wrote that song is a – is a genius because of like the way it is, I think it’s wicked. Erm, I’m a big fan of Rihanna, really big fan, erm, I think all of her stuff is pretty cool. Other than that I’m not – I’m pretty much one, you know, for – I’m pretty honest about stuff like, I don’t have anything hidden away that I really love and don’t tell anybody about, so yeah, Rihanna‘s about it.

Zach: Can you tell us something about yourself that your fans wouldn’t expect about you?
Josh: Erm, I guess, erm, I kind of like, I dunno, it’s erm… I don’t really know to be honest. I think, like I said like I’m pretty – whenever we get a chance to hang out with people at our shows, I’m really kind of like, I am how I am with everyone the same. So, I’d behave as I would in front of my family, and my friends, and my girlfriend or whatever, I’m the same person, erm, so I mean pretty much everyone that’s, you know, got a chance to hang out with us at shows and stuff or elsewhere, erm, they kinda know everything about me, ’cause if they ask me something I’ll just tell them, so I don’t, I’m not, erm – I guess the most exciting thing is I really want a dog, but I’m just never gonna get one, it’s just never gonna happen.
Zach: Any reason?
Josh: Just ’cause my mum just hates them, so, it’s not gonna happen. [laughs]

Zach: Last question; what can we expect from you by this time next year?
Josh: Erm, this time next year? I dunno, erm, if I’m really honest I don’t think we’d even thought we’d be here this time last year, you know what I mean? Erm, we’re just so kind of – we just hope that the album, people accept it, and hopefully either love it or grow to like it, or even if they hate it just respect the fact that we’re doing our thing kinda thing. Erm, but I have no idea man, I hope we’re still a band, and I hope that we’re a band that can still do stuff like this, ’cause this is just – this is so weird like going to cities that you never thought, you know, I never – when we were playing like hometown shows, I never thought we’d ever be able to go to somewhere like Manchester and do like 500 tickets, you know, which is what tonight is. It’s just kind of – it’s very strange, and we don’t take it for granted, so I guess erm – people can, if we’re still here can expect us just to be constantly trying to step it up so that we don’t, erm, don’t let people down I guess. That’s the only thing I can think of.

With the interview over, Josh leads Zach back out the way he came in, sniffing and coughing along the way due to his cold. Hopefully this doesn’t make a huge impact upon the quality of the performance him and the rest of You Me At Six pull off.

Written by Zach Redrup