INTERVIEW: WoLF (Patrick Pinion of Carcer City) (31/03/2014)

Liverpool, a place best known for scousers, The Beatles and Superlambananas. However, those who are keen on an appetite for heavy music may well be aware of the city’s rising metalcore monsters, Carcer City, who nowadays are often spoke of on the same level as some of their genre contemporaries Bury Tomorrow, Heart Of A Coward and Bleed From Within, to name but a few.

One of the genre’s biggest contenders, Bring Me The Horizon, regularly reimagine their work with a remix facelift, delivering the goods to an audience who want to get some electonica, ambience, chill out and, in some cases, dubstep injections into their ears.

With this idea in mind, WoLF is the new side-project of Patrick (or Paddy) Pinion, who has spoke with us exclusively about the unveiling of this project. We spoke with the man himself about what we can expect from WoLF, influences behind the project, how it came to be, and also what’s in the pipeline for his main musical outlet, Carcer City:

DP!: Good afternoon Paddy, how are things?
P: Busy! It’s assignment season in the last year of my uni course and I’m snowed under with coursework! Can’t wait to have it all over and done with so I can just spend all of my energy on the things that I enjoy. Other than that, I’m really good!

DP!: You’re on the verge of launching a new electronic side-project, WoLF. When and how did this project come to fruition?
P: Well, I’m always making music at home, and for my final year uni project I decided I was going to do this chilled-out remix album of Carcer City tunes. I dunno, I just enjoyed doing it so much and I have so many ideas that I thought just go for it, if you enjoy doing it then do it!

DP!: Why have you decided to go under the pseudonym of WoLF? Did you have any other names under consideration at all?
P: It was just the first thing I thought of I guess! I didn’t think I’d go with it, but then I just didn’t think of anything else and by that time it had kinda stuck, haha. So, I just rolled with it. I’m an only child and it’s a solo project, so I thought it worked on a kind of “lone-wolf” level too I suppose, and I have a wolf tattoo as well so I just thought it all tied together nicely and seemed like an appropriate name.

DP!: Have you been wanting to start a project with this kind of music for a while now, or has it been a fairly recent desire of yours?
P: In a way the project has been going on for a while, I’ve always made little tracks and half-songs at home. It’s only recently I’ve thought about making something of it all. I write all sorts of music, all the metal goes out via Carcer City and I just wanted an outlet for my other music, so… here it is!

DP!: What sort of artists and producers have influenced you and the work you’ll be releasing under this guise?
P: A huge range of people. I don’t want any rules for the project. One week I’ll be making some ambient-drone, next I’ll do a string quartet, next I’ll do glitch-step or something. I listen to so much that putting down all my influences here would take up too much time and space, but recently my main influences have been people like Keith Kenniff, Synkro, Trentemoller, Tycho, The Album Leaf, William Basinski, Vince Pope and I listen to a lot of film soundtracks and game soundtracks. The Mass Effect and Assassin’s Creed soundtracks are the bomb.

DP!: Your first venture into this project is a Carcer City remix album, are these all tracks lifted from across the band’s catalogue or just from your latest effort, ‘The Road Journals’?
P: There’s three tracks from ‘The Road Journals’ and then there’s a remix of ‘The Process’ and a remix of our latest track ‘Perceptions’ too.

DP!: Was it difficult to put a different spin of some of your band’s tracks? Was there any song that was particularly difficult or especially easy to put a new take onto?
P: To be honest, none of them were particularly hard to remix. I had a fairly good idea of how I was going to do it before I started. You’d be surprised how many Carcer tracks started off as chilled out tunes and were then translated to the metal format. The real challenge with the remixes was to make them all somewhat different to each other. I wanted them to each have their own character.

DP!: Speaking of Carcer City, how is work coming along with a follow-up? What can we expect from where we left off on ‘The Road Journals’?
P: It’s all written and we have a busy time ahead of us with a lot of touring, so our main priority now is to hit the road, play some sick shows and then once that’s all done we can come home and track the album properly. It should be out later this year. Should be. The record itself is a huge step forward for us. We didn’t have any reservations going into it this time, we were just like “fuck it, let’s just write whatever we want to and not worry about elitist metal dickheads or anything”. So, it’s a much more honest record than anything we’ve done before, and I think it shows in the music. If you’ve heard ‘Perceptions’ then that’s a fairly good pointer for what the new records going to be like.

DP!: Do you feel that the fruition of this new electronica side-project will take some effect into the direction you’ll be taking Carcer City with the other guys?
P: No, no. The two projects are very separate other than the fact I’ve remixed some of the Carcer tunes. I want the two projects to grow of their own accord.

DP!: We touched on it briefly earlier, but very recently you guys released a new track, ‘Perceptions’, which features Aaron Matts of Betraying The Martyrs. How did the idea of him being featured on the track come to be?
P: It was actually something our new drummer Karl brought to the table, he just had that connection and straight up asked Aaron. It’s been great having Karl on board, as well as our new guitarist, Yakka. We all feel like this is the most solid and dedicated our line-up has ever been and we’re all itching to get ourselves and the new record out to everyone.

DP!: Going back to the topic of your new side-project, WoLF; what can we expect coming out of this following the release of the Carcer City remix album?
P: I’ll be putting out my own original material. My mantra for the project is “No rules, just the music I want to make, as and when I want to make it”, so it’s just an outlet for anything I make that I’m happy with. If people dig it then that’s awesome, no worries if not. I’ll definitely be doing another remix album for the new Carcer record when that comes out too.

DP!: Do you have any plans to remix songs by any other artists? If so, can you give us any hints at who we can expect you to rework?
P: I hadn’t really planned on it to be honest. I kinda feel that other peoples’ songs are other peoples’ songs. I only made the Carcer remix album ’cause it was my material I was gonna be messing up, haha. Having said that, if the demand for something is there, I might consider doing a remix of someone else’s material. If someone specifically wanted me to do a remix of their music, I’d be well up for that.

DP!: Assuming WoLF is a success, not both by public perception but how content you are with how the project goes, do you think further down the pipeline you’ll be taking it live?
P: I don’t think I’ll be taking it live. I think that’s some of the attraction to the project for me, the way it’s just purely creative, with no need to worry about how I’m gonna replicate it live. Plus, I don’t know if I’d enjoy doing it live. The reason I’m in a metal band is because that’s the kind of performance I love; getting pumped up, sweaty, seeing the crowd go nuts. I don’t belong behind a laptop, put it that way.

DP!: What else is planned for the remainder of 2014, for both Carcer City and WoLF?
P: Just plenty of new material is the short answer. Carcer is going great with the new record on the horizon and all of the touring that we’ll be doing. I think it’s gonna be a very enjoyable year once all my uni crap is out the way and I can just be in the van with my best mates. As for WoLF, I’ll be making tracks in between all of that, I always am.

DP!: Do you have anything else you’d like to add before we close things off?
P: Just thanks for having me on the site. Thanks to anyone who checks out my side-project or Carcer City! I hope you enjoy it! Safe.

WoLF will release ‘Carcer City Remixed: The Chill Out Sessions’ on April 3rd 2014 for free download. You can follow WoLF for updates on Facebook (here).

Carcer City will release their forthcoming yet-to-be-titled album later this year. Further details will follow over the coming months and can also be followed on Facebook (here) and Twitter (here).

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