INTERVIEW: We Came As Romans (08/05/2018)

Credit: Promo

It’s already been a busy year so far for metalcore titans We Came As Romans. Non-stop touring and promo has followed the release of last year’s ‘Cold Like War’, and more recently the band are heading up a four band stacked tour across the UK and Europe.

Whilst at their London stop we managed to catch guitarist Joshua Moore and drummer David Puckett on their tour bus on the final date of their UK and Europe tour at Camden’s Underworld, and chatted about their hectic schedule, signing with SharpTone Records, and… um, Carly Rae Jepsen

DP!: So, how’s the tour been so far guys?
J: Good! It’s almost over. We leave tomorrow morning. We’ve been here in the UK for just over a week, and we’ve been overseas for about a month, and we head home tomorrow morning, so tonight is our last show.

DP!: Aw, are you sad to be going home?
D: Not that sad! We had a full five and a half week tour before this, and then just seven days at home after before we flew out here. And then we’ll go home now for one day, and then leave again for ten days to tour the States.
J: Yeah, it’s about thirteen weeks, with about ten or eleven days off. So it’s been really busy, and we’re almost coming towards the end of it, which to be honest will be great, because I would love my own bed.
D: Although I prefer the bunks on this bus to the ones back in the States. They’re a little bigger, and the mattresses are a little softer.
J: Oh, I definitely agree with that. One thing that I do miss when I’m over here is the phone service as well.

DP!: Do you guys have a favourite place to tour?
J: I like Australia a lot. It’s probably because a lot of time when we’ve gone to Australia we’ve gone in December, and where I live in Detroit it’s very cold and snowy in December, so to be able to escape that and go to Australia is super nice. One of the times we were there we had four days off in a row in Sydney, so we hired an apartment downtown for four days. I just have a lot of good memories there. I like touring in America too, though. We’ve made a lot of friends back in America from touring for ten years, so on a lot of the tours we see a lot of our friends, so that’s rewarding to see the result of how hard we’ve worked.

DP!: How did you feel about the reaction to ‘Cold Like War’?
J: We took a year off to make ‘Cold Like War’, and then after that we did a headliner in the States right before this, and to see that all of our fans still cared was really great to see. We had a ton of sold out dates on that tour, and a good amount of sold out shows on this tour too. We hadn’t been over to Europe for two years, and it’s always a bit of an anxiety when you’re touring somewhere you haven’t been for a while that everyone will have forgotten you exist.

DP!: Did the change in label influence the sound of the album at all?
J: Not at all! It’s just influenced everything good that’s happened after that. We went to SharpTone because our A&R is over there who we’ve known forever, and they’ve been in the metalcore industry for as long as we have. As we were showing them demos and what we wanted to do, they said to us “This is great. Be yourselves. Do what you want to do. That’s what we want, we don’t want you to sound like a different band.” When we were in LA making the record, they’d stop by to see how we were doing, and they were hands on enough to know that they were on our side, but they weren’t overly hands on to the point where they tried to change things, and we really needed that. It was awesome.

DP!: Were there any songs from the album you were particularly looking forward to playing live?
J: ‘Foreign Fire’. Ha. I say that in every interview because it’s the best song on the record, hands down.
D: Well, it’s YOUR favourite…
J: Yeah, ’cause it’s the best.
D: My favourite song off the album is ‘Learning To Survive’. We haven’t played that live yet. We’re talking about it, and we’re thinking about where we’re going to go from here, what music videos we want to do. Especially because of how much content is video based now, we’re really trying to sort of push every song almost like a single. So, I’d really look forward to play that live, if we ever do, but I think my favourite song to play live now is ‘Vultures With Clipped Wings’, which is the opening track off the album.

DP!: If you could tour with anyone, who would it be?
D: Carly Rae Jepsen.
J: I mean… that’s… that’s fine…
D: C’mon, man, I’ve thought about this. Did you notice the lack of space between the question and my answer?!
J: I would tour with Moose Blood. They’re one of my favourite bands. I always see them when they come through Detroit.

DP!: What would you be doing if you weren’t in We Came As Romans?
J: Probably trying to be in a different band! I think if this band hadn’t worked out, I probably wouldn’t have given up the pursuit of music. I’d just keep failing at it and probably be a very unsuccessful musician right now.
D: I don’t know. I’ve been in the band for a year now, but this is ten years of touring for me. My musical career has been weirder than most. Everybody in We Came As Romans has been touring together in the same band for ten years, whereas I started touring in one band and then they broke up, then I played in a different band, then they broke up, and now I’m with these guys. Maybe I’m a curse?
J: I was gonna say, I think it’s a sign.
D: Shit! I’m looking at a trend! Nah, I would probably say the same. I’d be on tour somehow, if I wasn’t in We Came As Romans I’d look at what other bands needed a drum tech or a drummer. I don’t think touring is something I’d want to do forever, though, I can’t see myself being 40 and touring eight months of the year.

DP!: So what’s next for you guys?
J: We’ve got some festivals and shows back home, and then this summer I think we’re just gonna focus on making a lot of content for us to release later in the year when we’re back on the road. We’ll only be playing a few shows this summer, and just focusing on making some videos; not necessarily behind-the-scenes stuff, but just some things we’ll release towards the end of the year. We need some time to rest.

The band’s fifth full-length album, ‘Cold Like War’, is out now through SharpTone Records.

You can purchase it online from the band’s webstore (here), iTunes (here), Amazon (here), and Google Play (here).

You can keep up to date with the band online by following them on Facebook (here), Twitter (here), and Instagram (here).

Interview by Lottie Cook (@pixelottie)