INTERVIEW: We Are Carnivores (01/08/2016)

Crazy Nottingham trio We Are Carnivores have just released their follow-up to 2014’s ‘Tex-Mexiconomy’ to a wave of rumblings and excitement in the underground world of rock music, as they prove that wacky and unpredictable is just what we need in 2016. We caught up with the band to talk about ‘Theodor’s A Don, Bro’, how they manage to create their distinct sound and whether it’s possible to brand them with a genre.

DP!: Hi guys! Your second EP ‘Theodor’s A Don, Bro’ has just dropped, how would you explain it to someone who has never heard We Are Carnivores before?
We Are Carnivores: Honey in your ears and pie in your face. Someone who has never heard us before seems like a weird concept though, hasn’t everyone already heard us? I guess for the handful of people out there that haven’t (where u bin guyz) the best way to explain the EP is to go onto our band camp and buy that biz. Actually, jokes aside, it’s pay-what-you-want for the time being so go snap it up!

DP!: Do you think people need something so beautifully weird like your new record to keep them from going off the straight and narrow in their normal lives?
WAC: Beautifully weird, DP you charmers! Most people do seem to think it’s a bit wonky and we’re well chuffed with it. It’s just as important to have loads of mad-cray-bonkers music as it is to have super-solid pop bangers, right? We love our Dillinger as much as we love our T. Swizzle.

DP!: Your brand new single ‘Theodor’s A Don, Bro’ has unique layering that even sounds like 2 bands playing at the same time sometimes – how do you create such a crazy concept in the studio?
WAC: We actually got another band to come and record the song at the same time we were recording the track. So in essence what we had was us playing ‘Theodor’s’… while this other band smashed through ‘St. Anger’. If you listen closely enough you can hear someone smashing a tin can with another tin can.

DP!: The video is just as bonkers. How did you come up with the idea? What did you do with all your clones after the shoot finished?
WAC: Bit of a weird one actually as we had just found this amazing forest location that we thought would be perfect for a performance video, but when we arrived, there was already this other band shooting a video themselves. We managed to capture some great shots of us ruffing them up ‘cause we don’t take no trash from no-one and it just turned out perfect.

DP!: Your genre seems to be billed as Math-rock everywhere you look. What do you guys think to that label? There’s so much going on with your music, do you just simply call yourself a punk band or what sound do you think that We Are Carnivores identify with?
WAC: We’ve had all sorts! Our favourite description so far is that the EP sounds like a “funky Sikth”, but we’ve had Math Punk, Mathcore, Disco, Funk, Experimental, Electronica, Electro Pop, Electronicore and even Britpop. We’re going to go with Electro-Funk-Punk for now and work on shoehorning some Pirate-Metal in for the next release.

DP!: You’ve got a couple of shows in Leicester and Glasgow coming up, what can we expect for the rest of 2016?
WAC: We’ve got a music video for ‘You Can’t Argue With Sharks’ coming out soon, (look out for quirky warehouses and windy mountain tops). Then we have a UK tour with Tirade (top chaps) kicking off on the 6th August at SummerFest in Cheltenham.

WAC tour

Make sure to grab We Are Carnivore‘s brand new EP ‘Theodor’s A Don, Bro’ on Bandcamp (here). You can keep up to date with the band online by following them on Facebook (here), and Twitter (here).

Interview by Mike Heath (@MikeBeef)