INTERVIEW: wars (29/07/2018)

Credit: Promo

Rugby noisemakers wars recently announced that they’d left iconic metal label Spinefarm Records for pastures new, namely the independent A Wolf At Your Door Records, which has previously been home to the likes of Deaf Havana and Lower Than Atlantis amongst others.

The band released the first single on their new label, ‘Little Death’, back in June, and have been supporting the release with a steady stream of UK shows.

We caught up with frontman Rob Vicars and guitarist Sam Barnard to grill them on the label move, and whether this means there’s another album on the way soon.

DP!: Good to see you back on the road! How’s this little run been?
S: It’s been really good. Surprisingly good. It turned out to be a lot better than expected. We’ve had Leamington, Southampton, and then London tonight. Leamington we thought would be quite good, because it’s quite close to home, but we haven’t played there for about two years. There was a very good turnout, Last Hounds are from there as well, so they headlined. Southampton last night, we’ve never played there before, but we had a lot of interest from fans requesting we play there, and then that was a good turnout too. It’s always good to see people in wars hats and t-shirts.
R: I think we’ve had a difficult year so far. We haven’t really gotten out as much as we wanted to initially, so it’s kind of like you don’t expect shows to be this good when you haven’t been playing other shows. The whole lead up to it is the previous load of your shows, so we didn’t really know how it was going to be. Obviously it’s only three shows but we want to be out as much as we can, so it’s been really good to be back on the road.

DP!: So you put out ‘Little Death’ in June. Where did that title come from? We were pleasantly surprised to see it wasn’t just a cover of the You Me At Six song.
R: Ha! Do they have one as well?! Lots of bands have done songs with that name. So the song is about feeling like bits of you are chipping away, and you’re getting so low, and every time you go into that sort of low you kind of lose a piece of you. But “little death” in French is “le petite mort”, which has a whole different meaning, haha. So, it works in this way where like, you get so low and you lose this bit of yourself, but at the same time you kind of savour that low, and you kind of need it, and it’s part of your life and your routine, and so you get that something else from it, which is where “le petite mort” plays into it as well.

DP!: Why the umbrellas and the rain in the video?
S: It’s supposed to be an image of something that you’d expect to protect you, but it isn’t. That’s what it is, isn’t it, Rob?
S: Yes! Nailed it!
R: Well, we can probably head off now.
S: I thought that I’d described that pretty well.
R: Yes, well… the rain is coming from within the umbrella. I don’t know if that comes across particularly well. STRONG IMAGERY. There you go. Soundbite. Is any of this going to even be usable? I feel like I’m just talking garbage.
S: That’s alright. That’s good. This is the real wars.

DP!: How did signing with A Wolf At Your Door come about? What happened with Spinefarm?
R: I think Spinefarm were just… we’d moved on from it. They were really into it when we first put out the record. We went to them with that record. Even though Spinefarm is dealing with huge enormous bands, like Bullet For My Valentine, it’s a small team, just a few people. Which is what we really liked, because there were a couple people there who were super into what we were doing. But with these things, people move on to different stuff, and then you find that the same people that were on your level aren’t really there anymore or are doing different things. A Wolf At Your Door we’ve known about for a long time, and that they were interested in us, and this feels a much closer relationship, it feels like the kind of relationship we had at the start with Spinefarm. If anything, we’re even closer. I think that you need that, you need everyone to be on board. We just want people who are passionate and genuine, rather than big names.
S: It’s easier now, rather than having to speak to our manager, and then our manager has to email the label, and then he has to wait for a reply from the label, and then we have to wait for a reply from our manager. Now we just go right there.

DP!: So you’ve been working on new music. Does that mean there’s a follow-up to your debut album on the way?
R: Maybe…
S: Who’s asking?!
R: Yeah, who’s asking?! Possibly. Hopefully. We don’t know at the minute, but we’re just focusing on writing new music and recording new music and getting ready for whatever comes next year. But we’re working toward it.
S: We’ve got a few plans, we’re just working out the best way to execute them. We can’t say yet.
R: Yeah, because we genuinely don’t know. The plan would be to obviously release a new album at some point. That’s every band’s goal. It’ll happen. Hopefully.

The band’s news single, ‘Little Death’, is out now through A Wolf At Your Door Records.

You can stream/purchase the single online now from Spotify (here), Deezer (here), iTunes (here), Amazon (here), and Google Play (here).

You can keep up to date with the band online by following them on Facebook (here), Twitter (here), and Instagram (here).