INTERVIEW: Tyler Carter (23/09/2011)

The split of Tyler Carter from his former band Woe, Is Me was undeniably intense and filled with drama, with the band making their fair share of bad words and allegations against Tyler, his intentions and behaviour within the group in recent months. His leaving of the band was to instead pursue his solo music project, pushing that as far as he could and basically noting that he enjoyed it far more. Instead of trading back venome with his ex-bandmates, he has instead shared with us exclusively what he plans for in the future, and what we can all expect from the new Tyler Carter:

Zach: As most people are aware, you left the band Woe, Is Me a few weeks ago to focus solely upon your solo project, were you creating your own music before you joined the band?
Tyler: Yeah, I’ve been writing solo music since I can remember. I have some middle school projects floating around YouTube too. Haha!

Zach: The more pop/R&B/soul orientated style of your solo work is quite different to that of what people know you from before, do you think Woe, Is Me fans can still get something from your music that they’ll enjoy?
Tyler: I mean people enjoyed the soul in my voice when I was in the band, and I still have that same soul. It’s just a matter of “clicks and labels”; people cling to admitting they like a certain genre as if it’s against the rules to like more than one style.

Zach: You’ve covered a few songs in the past, including ‘So Sick’ by Ne-Yo and ‘Hurt’ by Christina Aguilera, why did you decide upon these covers and can we expect to hear anymore from you soon?
Tyler: Those are just personal favorites and influential songs to me, and I would def love to do more covers. It’s always fun to put your twist on a song people enjoy.

Zach: A lot of people compare your voice to that of Jonny Craig, whom you’ve also worked alongside in the past, do you draw much inspiration from him and his vocal style?
Tyler: Not so much, we’ve worked together but he was never really an influence for me. We are most likely influenced by the same RnB singers before us.

Zach: Your latest single is ‘Side To Side’, can you tell us the story behind the song?
Tyler: Well, it’s basically about being intimate with someone that you always fight with. Everyone’s been in a relationship that they think they can’t stand and the arguments make you wanna leave, but the passion and the mental stimulation you get causes you to stay. Some would relate to my song as rough make up sex. Haha!

Zach: We also read on your tweets that you recently shot a music video, how did the shoot go for that?
Tyler: It was sick. You definitely have to work hard when shooting an independent video, but still, it was pretty fun.

Zach: One thing the UK and European Woe, Is Me fans are especially gutted about regarding your recent departure is you now not travelling overseas. Were you looking forward to divulging some new cultures and discovering the British aren’t quite as posh as Americans make out?
Tyler: I mean I am bummed because I was stoked to see Europe and be able to perform for my fans there, but I promise I will be there eventually. I plan to tour lots of different countries in the future.

Zach: Has any work began on a new EP or album release yet?
Tyler: I have been working on a couple singles, as well as a mixtape that I plan to release for free sometime this year.

Zach: What else is in the pipeline at the moment for yourself and your solo venture?
Tyler: Just working really hard. I plan on writing some more music, taking some dance classes and continuing to dream.

Zach: What advice would you give to people who are looking into starting a solo music project of their own?
Tyler: I mean, it’s all about hard work. Shit doesn’t just fall into your lap like most people seem to think.

Zach: Kayla Papp asks – How do you feel about Woe, Is Me’s opening up about the whole ordeal in Alternative Press?
Tyler: I don’t really care honestly, at the end of the day I’m still doing what makes me happy and nothing can really stop me from doing that.

Zach: India asks – I read the Alt Press interview about Woe, Is Me, and I saw that Tyler texts Austin (drummer) frequently, but Austin never replies. How do you feel about not getting any responses back from Austin?
Tyler: I don’t really understand most of the statements quoted from that interview as I didn’t read it, but I have reached out to more than one member and told them good luck and praised them on the upcoming music.

Zach: Dave House asks – Did you have vocal lessons or are you self-taught? What advice and tips would you give to aspiring vocalists?
Tyler: I have never taken any lessons, but I suppose it could only make me better if I took them. I would just say be original and practice. Find your own sound.

Zach: Corey Burns asks – What bands and music are you listening to lately?
Tyler: I have been venturing out into a ton of mainstream style music that hasn’t been exposed a lot. Like, I have been listening to less popular major label artist to kind of see what they don’t have compared to the radio popular ones. Guess to kind of take notes on becoming a better writer and singer.

Zach: Alexandra Bertram asks: What are your views on homosexuality?
Tyler: I think everyone’s happiness is their own personal business. I think love can grow between any persons, no matter what the gender is. It is a shame that so many people are beat up and ridiculed these days for their sexual preference, everyone needs to be who they want to be and allow others to do the same.

Zach: Any final words that you’d like to say to our readers?
Tyler: Thank you so much for all the love and support. I am working hard, so be patient and things will surely be great. Be who you wanna be, do what you wanna do (respectfully) and be positive.

Tyler Carter will be releasing his music video for ‘Side To Side’ and his free digital mixtape within the next few weeks. Keep your eyes on the DEAD PRESS! wesbite for updates.