INTERVIEW: TRC @ University, Leeds (01/07/2012)

Crossing over genres is always a risky move, and TRC are one such band who have polarised opinions with their fusion of rap and hardcore. Still, the band have managed to pull many huge opportunities such as playing major festivals like Download and Ghostfest, released several EPs and an album and with it all a strong fanbase. We caught up with frontman Chris Robson in Leeds following their 2012 appearance at Ghostfest to talk a few things over:

DP!: How do you feel the Ghostfest set went?
Chris: Yeah, really good. That’s the third year in a row now and that’s probably the best time we’ve played it. We played last year but we didn’t have ‘Bright Lights’ out so we couldn’t really play any tracks off that apart from ‘H.A.T.E.R.S.’, but this time it was nice to play tracks that everyone knows. We dropped ‘#Team UK’ and people didn’t take it too seriously and I felt a really party vibe, good fun.

DP!: What’s the story behind ‘#Team UK’?
Chris: Well, UK music is smashing it at the minute. There was a time where a lot of people were overlooking UK music. There were a lot of hardcore bands and hip-hop artists that people weren’t paying attention to. It was all about American artists and the only chance UK bands got were a possible support slot on tours.

It’s all about supporting UK music, whatever the genre. Whether it’s hardcore, metal, hip-hop, rock, dance, whatever, everyone is getting a chance to travel the world and play their music now and we want to celebrate that. This isn’t just about TRC. If anyone wants the instrumental, I can send it out to them so they can put their own lyrics over the top and get involved.

DP!: How can people find out more about this?
Chris: You can find out more on Twitter or Facebook. We have some blogs on YouTube and that kind of thing. As I said, we’re going to make the instrumental available so people can do their own thing and remix the track up.

DP!: What’s next for TRC then?
Chris: This year we might have a new record out. Charlie has written the instrumentals we just have to finish some of the lyrics. We’re looking to go and record September or October, but there’s no time scale on it at the minute though. It’s all about recording and playing the odd show here and there. We might try and tour in August, and after that we might try and get out to the States because we just singed with No Sleep Records. We might try and get a West Coast tour and take Team UK to America.

DP!: How do you think the Americans will react to TRC?
Chris: They’ll love it, you know. From what I’ve seen out there, it’s all like “hey motherfuckers are you ready?” and everyone’s heard all that before. We’re just looking forward to going out there and doing something different. Whether they love it or hate it, we’ll find out.

You can follow the band online on Facebook and Twitter.

Interview by Steven Potter

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