INTERVIEW: Trash Boat (25/05/2015)

Over the years, much like a lot of other genres, the face and shape of pop-punk has changed, with more outfits opting for more punk over pop than the pop over punk that the likes of Blink-182 and Yellowcard would go for. One of the UK’s rising stars in this new wave of the genre are Trash Boat, who’ve just just dropped their second EP, ‘Brainwork’, before opening up Slam Dunk Festival for the weekend.

Whilst at the Midlands date of the festival in Wolverhampton, we caught up with the guys to talk about their summer ahead, their recent ‘Brainwork’ EP, joining the Hopeless Records label roster and a bunch more.

DP!: What was your response when finding out you were going to play Download this summer?
TB: My initial response was overjoy. Obviously, we never really expected anything like that to come through but once kind of the wave of excitedness came over, it was like “oh, it’s a metal festival and we are a pop-punk band”. So, we’re going to go and do our thing, and I’m going to catch Lamb of God after our set.

DP!: You played a few shows earlier this year with Real Friends and Brawlers. How was the experience?
TB: That was awesome! It was the first run of shows where loads of people started coming. The show at the end was the highlight. It was where we got most of the footage for the video ‘Eleven’ we released, and it was crazy!

DP!: You released your second EP ‘Brainwork’ this month. What was the idea behind its name and artwork?
TB: The name wasn’t really me; the name was the rest of the band. Not that I don’t like it but, initially, my vote was against the name brainwork. The rest of the guys liked it, I had another idea for it, but it’s all good! The art is a continuation of the original artwork, which we got from a guy, I think it was Tom but don’t quote me on that! He wanted a character and he drew that purple guy that was on the front, and that was like his first draft, and we loved it! And then for the second EP, we wanted kind of like someone emerging from that guy so you can see like the skin’s peeling away and stuff like that, and we sent him that brief and he came back with that. He smashed it!

DP!: How do you feel the new EP differs from ‘Look Alive’?
TB: I don’t think it differs too heavily. I think it’s kind of a continuation, like ‘Look Alive’ and ‘Brainwork’ are kind of our LP split into two EPs. We’ve come so far as writers since the first EP, and I can hear us getting a little bit better in my opinion. It’s kind of like I’m constantly critiquing myself. We wrote the EP pretty quickly and we’re always critiquing ourselves, and we can hear like a kind of nice progression.

DP!: How does it feel signing to Hopeless Records and joining such a great roster of bands?
TB: It’s crazy, man. Like, Hopeless has been the go-to label for so many of my favourite bands growing up, and now we’re part of it! It’s mental!

DP!: Do you think you’ve opened it up for more UK pop-punk bands to gain recognition?
TB: Hopefully. I mean, the scene is on fire at the moment, and it looks like it’s only getting bigger, which is an awesome thing and we’re just going to roll with it.

DP!: You guys are named after The Regular Show! When did you become fans?
TB: You know what, I can’t remember. I remember liking Adventure Time first, and it was just like a suggested cartoon from a friend, I guess. We were struggling to agree on a name, and we had a lot of names that were kind of words that didn’t mean much, or things that sounded nice or whatever. I was kind of sat there in the corner just like “We should be called Trashboat! Because what happens in the episode when he changes his name to random things and becomes the coolest person in the world”. It just fits so well!

DP!: We can we expect next from Trash Boat?
TB: Like so much has been happening so fast at the moment, the way I’ve been describing it is that we’re just rolling with it. We’ve got loads of things coming in. We’ve got loads of things lined up. We’re just going to be the absolute best Trash Boat we can be. We’re going to be writing a full-length over the summer. We’re not going to commit to a date or anything, but we’re going to be just like jamming some tunes because we’ve been touring ‘Brainwork’ since like January and we only just released it now, but we’ll be looking to write a full-length.

The band’s latest EP, ‘Brainwork’, is available now through Hopeless Records. You can follow Trash Boat online on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Interview by Kieran Harris