INTERVIEW: Thrice (10/06/2018)

Credit: Dan Monick

Thrice, one of the most influential post-hardcore bands still around today, recently announced that they had signed to Epitaph Records, and with it dropped a new single titled ‘The Grey’ out of the blue, all just before their appearance at Download Festival.

Does this mean there’s a new album on the way?! All signs point to yes, but just to be sure we caught up with bassist Ed Breckenridge and drummer Riley Breckenridge backstage to find out exactly what’s in the pipeline.

Credit: Matt Eachus

DP!: How does it feel to be back at Download?
E: Yeah, it’s been a while.
R: I think we haven’t been back here since, like, early to mid 2000s? When Metallica and Evanescence were there. So, it’s good to be back.

DP!: You surprise dropped ‘The Grey’ last week! How long have you had that under wraps?
R: Not that long. We finished recording an album April-ish, so it’s been under wraps for a couple of months I guess. We’re stoked that it’s out there now, and we played it for the first time last night in London, and we’ll play it again tonight. I think every show on this European tour we’ll play it. It’s exciting to play new stuff.

DP: So what’s it about?
E: I feel like it’s pretty open to interpretation. I think it’s just about not seeing the world or issues or situations as black and white, trying to find a middle ground and being compassionate and welcoming to people and ideas and discussion. On a personal level, I think it can be dealing with doubt, and trying to find a middle ground within yourself to deal with stuff and not putting your foot down one way or another.

DP!: Will there be a music video?
E: Perhaps…
R: I would say we don’t have one yet…
E: But there could be one.

DP!: How did signing with Epitaph come about?
E: We’ve been fans of the label forever. We grew up listening to Epitaph bands. They’ve always kind of been a part of the picture in some way, whether it was us being like “Man, I wish we could sign with Epitaph!”, or them being interested. We had a contract with Vagrant that ran out after the last record, and Epitaph showed interest. We met with Brett who runs the label and a couple of the people that worked there. We were pretty blown away about how open and honest and no BS they are, and their independent spirit and ethics are really appealing. It just seemed like a perfect fit for us, and I think we’ve been signed with them for about six months now, and it’s just been awesome. They’re really easy to work with and just great people.

DP!: So, the question everyone wants to know… is there a new album on the way?
R: Yes.
E: There is a new album. We can’t tell you when it’s coming out, but hopefully before the end of the year.

DP!: You guys are going on tour with The Bronx in the US later this year. Is there any chance that tour will come to the UK?
R: That would be so cool. Them and Teenage Wrist.
E: I wish! It’s a US exclusive for now. We’re really stoked on that line-up. We’ve known those guys for years too, and always run into them at festivals.
R: Somehow we’ve never done a proper tour with them, only met up with them at festivals.
E: They’re awesome people and an incredible live band.

DP!: Any bands you guys are gonna try and catch today?
E: I’m definitely gonna catch Meshuggah.
R: Yes, I wanna see Meshuggah. They’re one of my favourite bands and I’ve never seen them live, so that’s like a bucket list item for me. I really love Baroness too and I’ve never seen them live, so I’d love to see them play too. I wanna run into the Alexisonfire dudes ’cause I haven’t seen them in ages. We’re lucky, there are so many good bands today.

The band’s latest album, ‘To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere’, is out now through Vagrant Records.

You can purchase it online from iTunes (here), Amazon (here), and Google Play (here).

You can keep up to date with the band online by following them on Facebook (here), Twitter (here), and Instagram (here).