INTERVIEW: The Summer Set @ O2 Academy, Glasgow (09/02/2013)

Date: February 9th, 2013
Venue: O2 Academy, Glasgow
Interviewer: Caitlyn Dewar

Format: Written


It seems already that 2013 has a lot in store for Arizona pop-rock five-piece, The Summer Set. The band have already wowed crowds and won over fans with their catchy new single, ‘Fuck U Over’, and have an upcoming studio album ‘Legendary’ soon to be released. It’s safe to say that you’ll be hearing a lot more from this band this year, and if you haven’t heard of them already, there’s no doubt that you will be. We caught up with singer, Brian Dales, before the band’s set with All Time Low in Glasgow to chat about the upcoming plans for the year and his super powers:

DP!: First off, how are you doing?
Brian [Dales, Vocals]: Freezing! I’m from California where it’s warm, all the time.

DP!: I saw your band had a car accident in London, what happened?
B: I couldn’t sleep on the plane, I’d been up for 28 hours or something and I was delirious. Our tour manger gets us in our van and we’ve got a couple of hours to kill because we had to pick up our merch in London, so we were going to go driving in the city and get lunch and hang around for a couple of hours, but as we’re driving in right outside of Euston Station some lorry with like, huge 20 foot metal poles on the back of it scrapes the side of our van whilst we’re trying to make a turn and then one of the poles like punctures our window and glass shattered everywhere.

DP!: That sounds like something out of a horror movie!
B: Seriously, it was like Final Destination shit. It was terrifying. But, because I hadn’t slept at all, I was like “oh, okay whatever”. It just felt like any other normal day. I don’t know if I started laughing, I can’t remember. It was only a couple of hours later that I was like “holy shit, we got in a car accident. I was sitting by the window I’m lucky to be alive”. Ever since then, I’ve had super powers. It’s weird.

DP!:What kind of super powers?
B: I can fly and I can see through things.

DP!: Was anything seriously damaged though?
B: The only thing damaged was the van and our perfect record of never getting in a car accident.

DP!: Where have you enjoyed visiting most so far?
B: We’ve been here a couple of times and we’ve only played four shows here so far, but we spent the whole of yesterday and this morning in Edinburgh where our tour manager lives and I finally got to do the buried city tour and the castle and all that. It’s one of the most beautiful cities that I’ve ever seen.

DP!: Have you been anywhere on this tour that you haven’t visited before?
B: Not yet, I think we’ve been everywhere so far, but it’s a really great feeling being able to return.

DP!: So, it’s a big year for The Summer Set coming up with the new album, the North American tour, the UK tour, Slam Dunk and Warped Tour. Is there anything else planned?
B: That’s it for right now, just gearing up for the album. We’ll do something in the fall, I’d love to come back to the UK again the fall, but it feels good to come back and headline. That’s really cool. To have the new record out is going to be really fun too. I’m proud of every record, I mean, it’s the same feeling every time. I’m really proud and I’m really excited, but none of them have amounted to the excitement I have to release this record. I think third time’s a charm. I’m really excited about this record.

DP!: Do you have a release date and a title for the album yet?
B: We have a title that we aren’t announcing yet. You’ll find it out soon, but we don’t have a release date yet. We’re finalising the release date and the title soon.

DP!: Did you have any particular inspirations for the album?
B: Musically, I think we just kind of wanted to go in and act like we were a brand new band, which we were. We’re on a brand new label and make what’s kind of like our first record while also pulling the best from ‘Love Like This’ and ‘Everything’s Fine’. We were listening to a lot of hip hop, which was cool. We were listening to a lot of the drum sounds, which was really cool to us and we wanted to make a record with a lot of production. The song writing, I don’t know, ‘Everything’s Fine’ is very much this boy meets girl, trials and tribulations love story and while I was really proud of that, I didn’t want to do that again. This record is kind of about inspiring people and it’s about getting back to our roots, figuring out who we were, drinking too much, trying to figure out what’s most important to us as people, and hopefully inspiring others to be the best version of themselves that they can be.

DP!: Are there any particular stories behind any of the songs that stand out?
B: Yeah, a handful of them. I’m trying to not give away any titles, but the last song on the album is a song called ‘Legendary’ that we’ve already played acoustic in the US a couple of times. I had just gotten out of a relationship, I was watching a lot of How I Met Your Mother re-runs because I was really depressed. I think it was one of the first songs that we wrote. So, I was sitting there watching all these How I Met Your Mother re-runs alone, depressed, by myself. I kind of had this moment like, just start being a better version of yourself, just get up and start being awesome and start living again. I turned everything around, I mean we were living together in a house in Arizona and we were writing this record and that was like the first song that would be the pinpoint of where it all began. The song is really about reinventing yourself. There’s another song about meeting a girl in a bar, and that’s all I’ll give away for now.

DP!: Why did you choose ‘Fuck U Over’ for the first single?
B: We weren’t going to release anything and then we were going on tour in the US with All Time Low, and we didn’t really want to go on the tour without releasing anything, so, ‘Fuck U Over’ was done. It was cool with this record, because we did one song at a time instead of everything at once, and ‘Fuck U Over’ was done and it was the perfect song to release for the tour. It’s a really fun song and it has the energy that our first record had, but the lyric was really appropriate for the All Time Low tour, so it was really sarcastic. There’ll hopefully be two or three more songs out before the album comes out.

DP!: How is it touring with All Time Low again?
B: Awesome. They’re one our favourite bands to tour with and they treat us fantastic.

DP!: What’s your must have thing to bring on tour with you?
B: I bring a stuffed animal Mickey Mouse with me everywhere I go. I also bring a little notebook that I write in and I write every song of ours in it. I always try to keep writing in it, so I bring it everywhere I go.

DP!: Who are you most looking forward to seeing at Slam Dunk Festival and Warped Tour this year?
B: Slam Dunk, I found out that Andrew McMahon is playing a solo set which’ll be really cool and I’m excited to see it. I was supposed to go and see it a couple of weeks ago and I didn’t get a chance to, so I think I’ll go and see that. That’ll be cool.

DP!: Do you prefer playing festivals or normal gigs?
B: Normal gigs, festivals are hard. Festivals are kind of like controlled chaos. For Warped Tour I kind of know the routine of, but just playing a random festival and you get there and you have no idea what’s going on, it’s insane.

DP!: How are you spending your Valentine’s Day this year?
B: I’m going to be in London and The Cab, who are some of our best friends, just got here today and they’re recording and writing for that week. Conveniently they’re here the same day as us, so I guess I’m spending my Valentine’s Day with Alex [Deleon].

DP!: What are your overall thoughts on the Fall Out Boy reunion and the new song?
B: Well, the song is awesome. I’m pretty stoked. I think the way they did it with everything, like releasing pictures, a videos, to tour dates, to an album, to a song all at the same time completely out of nowhere was awesome. It was a lot more interesting than like, Blink-182 who were just like, “okay, we’re back” and didn’t put out music for like a year. You’ve got to respect Fall Out Boy for having the best comeback I’ve seen in a long time.

DP!: What’s your favourite song to play live?
B: The last two nights we’ve played this new song called ‘Maybe Tonight’, and that was really, really cool. The new stuff has been fun. I’m in the zone with the new songs. I mean, you play the same songs every night and when you get to play a new song it’s like a breath of fresh air, so I’ve been really excited about that.

DP!: Any messages for our readers?
B: We’re going to be playing a lot of shows. So, if you don’t come and see one, you missed out.

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Written by Caitlyn Dewar
Interview by Caitlyn Dewar