INTERVIEW: The Ocean Between Us (10/03/2011)

Since the release of their debut self-titled EP at the end of January, Yorkshire’s most recent uprising post-hardcore act The Ocean Between Us have been gradually chipping their way out of the underground scene to try and make a name for themselves by the end of 2011. With a signing to A Wolf At Your Door Records, a recent music video release and work on a full-length in progress it looks like their set goals are more than achievable. We decided to get a hold of vocalist Judd Wrighton to see how things have been since the release of the EP, how the full-length is coming along and the story behind the formation of the band:

Zach: So first off, how’re things going on in The Ocean Between Us camp right now?
Judd: Things are all good here. Just promoting the EP, moving onto writing the album and playing as many shows as possible at the moment.

Zach: Where does the band’s name come from exactly?
Judd: We don’t even know ourselves anymore. When we first got together it was just a suggestion along with a lot of other names and we thought it sounded cool. However, now it has a lot of meaning to us to do with our goals.

Zach: For those people who are yet to have a listen to you guys, how would you describe your style and sound?
Judd: We’d probably describe our sound as a mix of everything popular in punk/hardcore/metal from the past decade. That’s how we hope we sound anyway.

Zach: Could you tell us the story of how the band all came together and how it got to where it is today?
Judd: The story is way too long to mention here. It’s basically along the lines of a few mates at college turning completely ’round into a whole county wide hunt for the most suited musicians for what we wanted to create. The rest can only be described as constant poverty yet constant dedication, taking big risks and never giving up.

Zach: You released your debut self-titled EP last year, but then rereleased it again through a label via A Wolf At Your Door Records at the end of January. How’ve you been finding the reception to the EP so far from critics and fans?
Judd: We’re all very happy with the feedback from just about everyone! Even though it seems we’re a very controversial band. It seems that you either love us or hate us.

Zach: What made you decide to sign over to A Wolf At Your Door Records as opposed to any other labels that may have been?
Judd: It was always that independant label we wanted to be on, partially because we looked up to a lot of bands on that label over the years and have seen what they’ve done for other bands. In the end it turns out they contacted us! We were so happy about that!

Zach: Shortly after the recording of the EP it was announced that Bryn Barker was no longer in the band, could you fill us in with the story behind that a little more?
Judd: It was a hard time for us as Bryn was the only founding member other than myself left, and he was responsible for writing a lot of the EP. We were just going through a very rough stage and decided it was best for both him and the band as a whole to just let him go.

Zach: With only those couple of songs under your belt, does it get difficult to stretch them across long enough for a live set?
Judd: We’ve struggled before, however introductions and interludes have let us off in the past. Playing a 4 song set in the past however has never pissed off promoters. [Laughs]

Zach: You released a music video for ‘Nice One Kid, You Just Brought A Knife To A Gun Fight’ which composed of tour footage, did the video turn out how you’d hoped?
Judd: We were advised to join that Red Bull Bedroom Jam, but to join we needed a video of some sort to enter. It was never planned for an ‘official’ video, but we were very happy with how it turned out so we just put it out there as the music video for ‘Nice One Kid…’.

Zach: What’s the story and meaning behind the song and its title?
Judd: The song is about being lost; not understanding where you stand, what’s gonna happen in your future etc, and mainly not being prepared for the future. It’s also about turning to drugs as a way out and to avoid things. As for the song title, ‘Nice One Kid, You Just Brought A Knife To A Gunfight’ is a quote from an Indiana Jones film, however it makes sense of not being prepared and the concequences of if you get something wrong.

Zach: What can people expect from a The Ocean Between Us gig who are yet to experience it yet?
Judd: A proper bad headache.

Zach: Has any work been made yet on a follow-up to the EP?
Judd: Yes. We’ve started writing the album and we’re also currently playing a song titled ‘My Social Life Took Over My Whole Life’ in our current live shows.

Zach: What can we expect for the rest of 2011 from you guys?
Judd: Some music videos, online media, lots of shows and hopefully a full-length finished and out there at the end of the year.

Zach: That all sounds great. Finally, is there anything else that you’d like to say or add?
Judd: We look forward to the rest of this year!