INTERVIEW: The Guru Guru (28/01/2020)

Credit: Promo

Belgian based rockers The Guru Guru are back with their sophomore record ‘Point Fingers’ for another dose of experimental post-punk energy and you won’t hear anything remotely like it for the rest of the year.

The album covers the difficult topics of addiction, divorce and mental health issues and ventures into rising above them and putting yourself back together. We caught up with the band to talk about ‘Point Fingers’, their music video attire and what The Guru Guru have planned for the year.

DP!: Hey! How would you describe The Guru Guru to someone who has never heard the band before?
The Guru Guru: We describe our music as “borderline rock” which means that our songs can go from a manic state of urgency only to fall back into the feeling of lost control. It’s this wide range of emotions that we try to implement in our music. Noise rock with a sentimental hangover.

DP!: We’re looking forward to the release of your brand new record ‘POINT FINGERS’ on January 31st. How does the second album differ from ‘PCHEW’?
The Guru Guru: On ‘PCHEW’ we were in the process of finding our sound on record. By that time we had played all over Belgium in small youth clubs and bars, trying to get as much experience as possible. ‘PCHEW’ is raw, ‘POINT FINGERS’ is well seasoned and more balanced. We feel that our sound and songwriting has developed on our second record and is drenched in everybody’s passion, emotions and love for our band.

DP!: The record covers the difficult topics of addiction, divorce and mental health issue: how was the writing process for the album?
The Guru Guru: Every member of our band had his own demons to wrestle with during the writing of the album. Getting together at Tom’s place and creating new songs was a way to overcome these issues. We did everything together: recording, eating, talking about what we were going through, crying, etc. It was confronting at times to listen back to the demo’s and hearing all the struggles but that’s how we conquered it.

DP!: How important is it to write about these hardships and rising above them?
The Guru Guru: For us, it made all the difference. Music is such a powerful tool that you can use to channel your emotions and energy. Writing about it gave ‘POINT FINGERS’ purpose and meaning for us, but we hope that it radiates to anyone who is struggling as well and tells them they’re not alone and help is always close. We live in a time where expectations exceed the limits of our mind and so we push it until it breaks. Realising that, I believe, is the first step to healing.

DP!: The videos for ‘ORIGAMIWISE’ and ‘MACHE’ certainly have some interesting wardrobe choices! Tell us about the bathrobes…
The Guru Guru: We recorded the video for ‘MACHE’ on an island near Madagascar called La Réunion where we played a couple of shows. We searched for white bathrobes on the entire island but almost nobody had them because it was so freaking hot! Most of the people didn’t even know what a bathrobe was. We decided to dress Tom in the robe again for ‘ORIGAMIWISE’ which was shot a hell of a cold day! It’s a contrast that plays back in our music as well. A bathrobe is nice and cosy. However, you’re completely naked underneath. So once the shell drops all that’s left is a fragile and naked body.

DP!: You’re in the UK in February for a 7-night tour with Poly-Math. What can fans expect from these shows?
The Guru Guru: We haven’t met the guys from Poly-Math yet but their music is awesome! It’s gonna be super sweet sharing a stage with them and it will be a blast! We are looking forward to this big time!

DP!: You’re confirmed for a whole bunch of festivals all over Europe this summer. What do you look forward to most about festivals and are there any in particular that you’re excited to play?
The Guru Guru: We don’t have any particular festivals that are sticking out, we just wanna play as much as we can. It doesn’t really matter if it’s a small or big festival, if there’s three people or a thousand, we always give it our all!

DP!: What other plans do you have for the rest of the year?
The Guru Guru: play play play play play play and write new music for a third album!

The band’s sophomore album, ‘Point Fingers’, is out now.

You can order the album online from the band’s BandCamp (here), iTunes (here), Amazon (here), and Google Play (here).

You can keep up-to-date with the band and what they’re up to online via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.