INTERVIEW: Such Gold @ NQ Live, Manchester (16/02/2013)

Date: February 16th, 2013
Venue: NQ Live, Manchester
Interviewer: Jack Bastard

Format: Written

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Coming out of Rochester, New York, Such Gold have quickly carved themselves a name in the pop-punk and hardcore scene and now find themselves touring across the UK with Welsh post-hardcore legends, Funeral For A Friend. We caught up with the band in Manchester to talk about where they fit into everything, their recent album ‘Misadventures’, how they’re finding the tour so far and more.

DP!: Hey guys, how’s the tour been so far?
Ben Kotin: Good, so far so good.
DP!: How are you finding the UK?
B: It’s cool, yeah.
DP!: I saw that some of you guys got tattooed in Leeds.
B: Yeah. I didn’t personally, but some of the guys did. They look fucking rad.

DP!: So, your album came out last year. How has it been received and how would you say it compares musically with the previous split and the EP?
B: Yeah, we did two EPs and two splits. I think generally our sound just naturally moved into what ‘Misadventures’ is.

DP!: Is it more towards the pop-punk or the hardcore side of things these days?
B: I wouldn’t really say either. I mean, the goal wasn’t to make it more hardcore or more pop-punk.
Skylar Sarkis: We were trying to get away from both of those things actively. I mean, not that there won’t still be elements of whatever, but I don’t think any of us want to be trying to be something.

DP!: Who is it that gets attracted to your music? Is it more the pop-punk kids?
B: There’s a mix.
S: There’s a lot of pop-punk kids.
B: A lot of pop-punk kids, some random older people.

DP!: So, did your attitudes towards song writing have to change to suit a full-length?
S: No, not really.
B: Our EP was like six tracks, so that was quite long anyway.
S: Yeah, we just kind of did more of the same.

DP!: So, has the music scene changed at all and how do you think you fit in?
B: There ares certain bands that have gotten bigger and changed.
S: The bands that we came up with we play with less and less, because they’re doing their support tours and so are we. We also see a lot of newer bands.
DP!: Who are those bands that you played with when you first started out?
Ben: Transit, A Loss For Words, The Wonder Years; those are the bands we toured with, you know. There’s a lot of bands that we became friends with.

DP!: So, what’s the plan for the rest of this year?
B: After this we go to Soundwave in Australia, then Japan for a week, then we go home and do the Senses Fail tour.
DP!: Are there any particular bands that you’re excited about playing with?
B: Slayer are headlining Soundwave.
DP!: And what about Funeral For A Friend? They’re veterans in the scene now.
S: Yeah, it’s cool man. They’re great dudes too. The shows have been really fun.

DP!: How have the crowds been?
S: Pretty good. A lot of times dead stares, but that’s cool. But, equally, the amount of times people have been into it.

DP!: Cool, guys. Do you want to say anything to finish off?
B: Just thanks to everyone that supports us.

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Written by Jack Bastard
Interview by Jack Bastard