INTERVIEW: Static Dress (15/09/2019)

Credit: Promo

They say that first impressions are everything, and fresh-faced Leeds based newcomers Static Dress made sure they delivered everything when they introduced themselves with their debut single ‘clean.’ a few weeks ago.

With just the one track to their name, the post-hardcore quartet started to garner attention not just from a wave of newly acquired fans, but also from plenty of their peers and contemporaries.

Now with eyes fixed on them for their next move, we spoke with frontman Olli Appleyard to get the lowdown on how Static Dress came to be, the message behind ‘clean.’ and its video, and what’s yet to come.

DP!: How’s it going in the Static Dress camp lately?
OA: Things are moving at an overwhelming pace. I honestly didn’t expect anything near what we are getting. The feedback has been unreal and we all couldn’t be happier.

DP!: First off, what is a Static Dress?
OA: It’s not a physical thing. It’s a mental process. When you find yourself in a situation where you should be happy and at peace but all you find is discomfort.

DP!: How did Static Dress come together as a band?
OA: Static Dress was an organic process. It came about naturally, and, after many reinventions, this is the one that stuck.

DP!: You guys are fresh on the scene with just one song so far, ‘clean’. What was the statement you were aiming to make with that track, especially with it being your debut?
OA: This is just an artistic journey for us. The message behind ‘clean’ was to try push everything out of a comfort zone with both visuals and audio, and to show people a taste of what is to come. Lyrically the story is pretty self-explanatory from the lyrics, but I like to allow people to make their own judgement of what the track is about.

DP!: It managed to gain quite a lot of attention, including from a few established names in the industry. Were you expecting such a buzz from it?
OA: Not at all. Everything we have done is 100% organic with no paid promotion or sponsors etc. so to have it shared by established names is pretty breath taking for us all. We are just using social media platforms we have to the best ability they can be used.

DP!: What was the idea behind the aesthetics of the video? There’s a lot of stark green going on. Are we to expect that throughout the identity of Static Dress in the future?
OA: We took a lot of inspiration from Dr. Seuss. We combined this with many different elements from videos we loved whilst growing up, and since this video is self-directed we had full creative control over everything.

Although this was a good thing, the video took months to shoot as we went through six different re-shoots over the course of four months, many scenes which will be publicly never released. You can see a small amount of behind the scenes here.

All I can say is for what’s to come next is not what people will be predicting.

DP!: Sounds interesting. What about Dr. Seuss and its aesthetics attracted you to try and adapt it into the band’s immediate aesthetic?
OA: Personally I’ve always been very fond of the abnormal and almost twisted vibe that his work portrays. I feel like it is something that has never been executed in this type of format. We are very happy with the final outcome, although the journey to this final cut was far from easy.

DP!: Beyond creative control, what made you want to take the DIY and independent approach for the ‘clean’ video?
OA: We had a vision, and we had access to all the tools between the four of us to execute it. We didn’t want to over complicate things when it wasn’t deemed necessary.

DP!: Well, with just one track to your name thus far, are you guys looking to drop an EP or album, or with the rising popularity in streaming and playlisting-culture, are we set to anticipate some one-off songs here and there for the time-being?
OA: We have a few things in place for before the end of the year, but for a full body of music only time will tell.

DP!: You’ve recently announced your first shows as a band with Decay, which are selling out pretty quickly. As this will be a new experience for everyone, what are you hoping to deliver at your first shows together?
OA: These shows are a test for us to understand and develop playing small intimate shows on small stages. They will be definitely shows that both Decay and ourselves will never forget.

DP!: It’s still early days, but what’s on the mission plan for Static Dress for the foreseeable future?
OA: Wait and see.

The band’s debut single, ‘clean.’, is out now and available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music.

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