INTERVIEW: Sinsaenum (14/11/2017)

With a huge list of names from the world of heavy metal, Sinsaenum have quite the reputation to uphold with their EP ‘Ashes’ that features band creator and Dragonforce bassist Frédéric Leclercq, ex-Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison plus past and present members of Chimaira and Mayhem. The extreme metal project is angrier and darker than ever before and a chance to see some renowned and critically acclaimed musicians working together on the atmospheric yet ferocious band.

We caught up with Frédéric to talk about the new EP, how the structure of the band works and how it schedules in with the rest of his commitments.

DP!: Hi Frédéric, thank you for speaking to Dead Press! The brand new Sinsaenum single was unveiled lately – how has the reaction to ‘Ashes’ been?
Frédéric Leclercq: It seems like people really enjoyed it! Now in all honesty I tried to restrain myself from reading comments and reactions and reviews, and the fact that I’ve been on tour until yesterday helped in that sense. All I know is that the people I care about really enjoy that song, and that’s what matters to me!

DP!: Would you say that ‘Ashes’ is the song that best represents the upcoming EP of the same name? What made you release it as the first song?
Fréd: I don’t think it does, no, because every song on this EP is unique and has it’s own little world, so to speak. Maybe ‘Ashes’ represents best what we, as a band, are right now, which I guess is also why we released it as the first song/video.

DP!: Sinsaenum is quite the “Who’s Who” of metal with yourself and Joey Jordison, alongside ex members of Chimaira, Mayhem and more – how did you all come together to form the band? Is it just a case of getting on the phone to a couple of old mates and having a jam session?
Fréd: Yes. The whole point was to make the music I love with friends, and I just happen to have a lot of friends who play music, haha! But yeah, the most important criteria was the connection I had with each person. I was actually nervous when they all first met in the same room for the first time, I was a bit scared it would be like, I dunno, organising a party with some friends from school, some from, say, your soccer team, some childhood friends and some friends from the town you used to live in before. They are all YOUR friends but are they gonna connect? The answer is: fuck yes! The chemistry in the band is awesome and I’m happy I was the one organising that party, hahaha.

DP!: Would you ever refer to yourself as a supergroup?
Fréd: I guess it’s inevitable due to everybody’s other endeavours. We never really thought of it that way but when we started the promotion etc…it kinda became obvious that that’s what people would notice first: he is from xxx, he is from xxx and he is from xxx. And we are fine with that, but supergroup sometimes comes with the idea that it’s just a one off, something made up by a producer who wants big names… but nah, all it is really is 6 guys who play music together, so it’s a supergroup but we just would like to refer to it as “one of our bands”.

DP!: How do you juggle Sinsaenum around your commitments with Dragonforce?
Fréd: It’s fine, I’m a little tired because I just finished the tour with Dragonforce and got back home yesterday, but last night I was already working on ideas for Sinsaenum. So I don’t juggle, I just do it when I can, and when you want something you always find time!

DP!: Are there any similarities within the music you play with Dragonforce and the extreme metal of Sinsaenum?
Fréd: Well…it’s metal, and it has drums and electric guitars and bass and we have long hair (almost everyone). That’s where the comparison ends. It’s not the same intentions, the same emotions.

DP!: It was only last summer that the debut record ‘Echoes of the Tortured’ was released – how has the sound of the band evolved since then? Are you still the sole music composer for the ‘Ashes’ EP?
Fréd: Musically, yes, even though people still participate and rearrange their parts. Lyrically, It’s a split between Sean, Attila and myself.

DP!: What are the short and long term plans for the band? Will we be seeing a global tour?
Fréd: Recording a new album and tour for it when it comes out. We just need to make sure that everyone is available at the same time! “Just” that, hahaha!

DP!: What makes Sinsaenum different to the bands you’ve been in previously/currently?
Fréd: The fact that most of the pressure is on me, and I do a good amount of work, without people/fans necessarily noticing it, but the reward is that everything (almost) happens the way I wanted it to be. Sinsaenum is my baby, but it wouldn’t be the same without my brothers/band partners.

The band’s new EP, ‘Ashes’, is out now through earMUSIC.

You can purchase it online from the Amazon (here), and iTunes (here).

You can keep up to date with the band online by following them on Facebook (here), Twitter (here), and their official site (here).

Interview by Mike Heath (@MikeBeef)