INTERVIEW: Press To MECO (11/02/2019)

Credit: Promo

Press To Meco are showing us they can do it all. Fresh from a 27-date European tour with US radio rock titans Shinedown, they’re back with a brand new EP that features re-imagined acoustic versions of tracks from their debut album ‘Good Intent’ and recent follow-up ‘Here’s To The Fatigue’.

We caught up with band to talk about how they came about the idea for the EP, which tracks they decided to re-record and the upcoming tour.

DP!: Your new acoustic EP is coming out on February 15th! What made you want to make the EP?
Press To Meco: Yes! The idea of an ‘acoustic’ record was something we’d always liked the idea of. We’d done the odd acoustic set over the years and we always loved the space it gave for the vocals to really have their own platform. Last year we played on the forest (acoustic) stage at 2000 Trees Festival and the response was overwhelmingly positive. I think that was really the trigger for us to say “right let’s actually do this, the timing’s right and it feels like people genuinely want it”.

DP!: And you’ll be touring the acoustic material next month with a couple of the dates selling out already – how unexpected was the positive response to the acoustic music?
PTM: Off the back of the set at 2000 Trees, I think we all felt an EP and tour would be well received…by PTM fans at least, haha. The London shows selling out as quick as they did was a surprise though. I remember we were in Norwich on the Shinedown tour, we’d announced the acoustic tour that morning then got told it had sold out within the hour. So before we went on stage, we announced a second show, came off stage and heard that had sold out too. They’re only small shows, but it’s still very humbling to see the response in ticket sales like that.

DP!: How do you prepare for the shows compared to a full band show?
PTM: To be honest, it’s very much the same. We’ll warm up and and Lewis will stretch just like any other show. I think the only real difference is we know we’ll be soaking wet from sweat after a full band show, so I guess it’s nice sometimes to know you’re gonna be coming off stage dry, haha!

DP!: Do you ever get tempted to properly go for it and rock out during a song that you’ve re-imagined to be softer and more fragile?
PTM: Haha we do enough of that, we’re enjoying slowing everything down and trying to sound ‘pretty’ and delicate.

DP!: Our first peak into the EP is the acoustic version of ‘A Quick Fix’ – what made you pick this song to lead with?
PTM: Funnily enough that was quite a late addition to the EP. I remember we’d told Marshall and even the producer Richard that it was only gonna be 5 songs, then Lewis and I were in my room and I just started playing around with a different chord progress and singing the verses, we were both really feeling where it was going. It came together pretty quickly, we loved it as we felt it really epitomised the feel for the EP and what we were trying to achieve.

DP!: How did you pick which tracks from ‘Good Intent’ and ‘Here’s To The Fatigue’ were used for the EP?
PTM: We’ve actually only taken ‘Autopsy’ from the first album. It was always a standout song for us and when we started arranging it for the acoustic set up, we felt it really started to come into it’s own. I actually love the new structure of it so much I wish we’d recorded it that way in the first place haha. But that’s just maturing as song writers and knowing how to do things better I guess. 🙂

DP!: There’s a great video online of you playing an acoustic version of ‘Freddy Kreuger’ at Camp Reuben at 2000 Trees a couple of years back – which other covers would you like to rework acoustically and will we be hearing any on the tour?
PTM: There will absolutely be some covers on this acoustic tour…. the only way you’ll find out which ones is by heading to and grabbing yourself a ticket 😛

Press To Meco‘s ‘Acoustic’ EP is out now and you can listen and download it from a variety of media outlets here.

Check them out on the road on the following dates:

FEBRUARY 26 – LEEDS, Hyde Park Book Club
FEBRUARY 28 – GLASGOW, Poetry Club
MARCH 1 – BIRMINGHAM, The Victoria
MARCH 4 – BRIGHTON, The Brunswick
MARCH 5 – LONDON, SixtySixty Sounds
MARCH 6 – LONDON, SixtySixty Sounds

You can keep up-to-date with the band and what they’re up to online via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.