INTERVIEW: Monster Truck (23/02/2016)

Blues rock is having a surge in popularity at the moment – but throw in the tones of stoner sludge and you’re on to a serious winner. Canadian ruckus Monster Truck are ready to use the experience they’ve gained from touring with ZZ Top and Guns N’ Roses to make an impact on the UK, and certainly did when they drove an actual monster truck through London earlier this month.

We managed to speak to guitarist Jeremy Widerman about brand new album ‘Sittin’ Heavy’ and what it’s like to play with the biggest rock bands of the last 50 years.

DP!:Your brand new album ‘Sittin’ Heavy’ is out on February 19th – Did you find it to be a different experience than writing and recording your debut record ‘Furiosity’? Is the second album as difficult as everybody always says?
Monster Truck: It was a very similar experience to the first recording. We spent a bit more time but the process itself was quite the same. It wasn’t as difficult as everyone says as we were prepared for it quite a long time in advance. We knew it had to be better and we knew to start writing and planning for it well in advance.

DP!:The excellent video for ‘Don’t Tell Me How To Live’ features the four of you on an oil rig in the middle of a snow storm?! How did that possibly come about?
MT: There was a lot of time spent on finding that location. It was a gravel pit not an oil rig though, and the snow was a very lucky addition right at the end of the night.

DP!:You’ve shared the stage with a large chunk of the golden age of rock music – What’s it like to play with ZZ Top, Slash, Alice in Chains etc?
MT: It’s always been a mind blowing experience. We feel very lucky and honoured to be chosen for all those tours and it’s given us experiences and influences that we will remember forever.

DP!:If you could pick one band that you’ve not had the change to play a show with yet, who would you choose?
MT: AC/DC hahahahah

DP!:Do you find that playing gigs with an older generation of bands impacts your fanbase? Do you see a spread of different ages checking your band out?
MT: I think we already find that we have an older fanbase as it is. So opening for crowds like that works well for us.

DP!:There’s just one sole UK date on your European tour this April, at London’s prestigous 100 Club – What can we expect from the show? Any plans to come back over?
MT: We are always planning additional European and UK shows as it’s our favourite area of the world to play. You can expect a high energy rock and roll show!

DP!:What do you think stems the latest surge in popularity of blues rock? Do you think the recent success of bands like Clutch and Black Stone Cherry over the last couple of years will help Monster Truck in 2016?
MT: We can only hope!


The band’s latest album, ‘Sittin’ Heavy’, is available now and you can follow Monster Truck online via Facebook, and Twitter.

Interview by Mike Heath (@MikeBeef)